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Dick Clark: Dextrose


By Declan Hindman and Maya Peterson

Vocals/Lyrics: Maya Peterson

Composition/Production/Guitar: Declan Hindman

Mixing: Declan Hindman & David Stouck at Redfeather Studio

Sample: Flora Purim – Summer Night (instrumental written by Al Dubin & Harry Warren)

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AHTC Immersion “One Summer Gal”

Alex Hensley (Mixing and Production), Taran Carr (Mixing and Production)

Samples:”Good Body Gal Anthem” by Aidonio, “One Summers Day” from Spirited Away Soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi

Mixed in the room of Alex Hensley on his laptop using FL Studio 10.

“One Summer Gal”

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spring 2015 final magazine: one-oh-eight

EDITORS: Alison Mann & Elena Mehlman

WRITERS: Aaron Stagoff-Belfort, Alonda Munoz, Alex Kanisher, John Valett, Andrew Jacobs, Andrew Rodriguez, Stefan Brown, Courtnney Wiegand, Trinity Russell, Davis Reid, Nick Marraffa, Blake Valenzuela, Syed Ayman Kabir, Sean Regan, Justin Goldman, Theadore Kim, James Hamilton, Alec Corazzini, Anna Schwab, Sam Furnival, James Wilson

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Aidan Buck “YO”

Aidan Buck- Keyboard, Vocals, Engineer

Original Beat inspired by Sabzi’s Sagaba album

Created in my room on LMMS


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Ibraheem Khadar – “Alien Funky Sax”

Ibraheem Khadar – producer

Composed at 126B Knowles Ave studio using Cubase

“Alien Funky Sax”

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Hot Snakes: “Make it Cheesey”

Hot Snakes: “Make it Cheesey”

Gabe Tagliamonte (drums) , Josh Weiner (guitar, vocals), Gabriel Connelly (vocals), Nick Graves (bass,vocals), Charlie Gruner (lyrics, backup vocals).

Red Feather Studio, randy maldonado (engineer)

Take it Easy, Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey (composer)

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Foss Chillers: “Fossin At Wesleyan”

Original composers: Kanye West & Jay-Z

New lyrics: Foss Chillers

E-Pain (Vocals, Engineer, Lyrics)

Jonathan Puma (Videography, Lyrics)

Theodora Messalas (Storyboard, Lyrics)

Thomas D Hailemariam (Storyboard, Lyrics)

Tal Levran (Storyboard, Video Editor)

Recorded at 142 Cross Street


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Greg Hall feat. M. Roth – “Stand Up and Dance”

Greg Hall – Production

Michael Roth – Vocals (sampled from Wesleyan Youtube channel)

Recorded at Art Workshops editing room. Mixed & mastered at 40, Brainerd Avenue


“Stand Up And Dance” 


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The Couch Band: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

1) Katie Solomon: Vocalist

2) Erin McGrath: Guitarist

3) Gwen Rosen: Cellist

4) Jessica Carlson: Videographer/Editor

[Sound mixed at Green Street, Composers: Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, Nirvana, Dave Grohl]

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Max Spiegelman: Like a Virgin (Cover)

Max Spiegelman (Guitar, Bass, Vocals); Originally composed by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly and performed by Madonna. Recorded and mixed by me in my room using Garageband.

Like a Virgin (Cover)

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