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G. Hall feat. Lil’ Richard – ‘Deep House Blues’

Greg Hall – Composition, Production

Vocal sample: ‘Long Tall Sally’ by Little Richard

Recorded on Brainerd Avenue, and AWKS editing room.

Deep House Blues

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Ibraheem Khadar – “In The Still of the Night”

Composers: Fred Parris/The Five Satins (Cover)

All Vocals: Ibraheem Khadar

Recorded, mixed, and mastered in Green Street Studios (John Bergeron – engineer).  Additional editing by Ibraheem Khadar

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Midterm Magazine: MGZN

Digital Edition:

Text Editor: Theodora Messalas
Art Editor: Sam Furnival

Writers: Courtney Wiegand, Trinity Russell, Blake Valenzuela, Will Moss, Alex Kamisher, Davis Reid, Alec Corazzini, Andrew Jacobs , Alondra Munoz , Alison Mann, Greg Lyon, Nate Courville, James Wilson, Theodore Kim, Justin Goldman, Stefan Brown, Syed Ayman Kabir.

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The Ringo Starrs “Pretty Big Burrito”

The Ringo Starrs “Pretty Big Burrito” 

 Gabe Tagliamonte (drums) , Josh Weiner (guitar), Gabriel Connelly (vocals), Nick Graves (bass), Charlie Gruner (back up vocals).

Green Street Arts Center, John Bergeron (engineer)

Travelling Man, Rick Nelson (composer)

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Darshdeep and his Trio: “Love at First Swipe”

Ben Record – (Producer, Manager)

Brandon Baker (Guitar, Vocals) 

Ted Shadek (Bass)

Darshdeep Hora (Drums)

Jordan Tragash (Trombone)

Original Composition: Brandon Baker, Ted Shattuck

Lyrics: Ben Record, Jordan Tragash

Recorded at Green Street Studios

Engineer: John, Connor Schon

Love at First Swipe at First Swipe.mp3



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The Funkiberries: Tell Me Why (Cover)

Emily Freedman (vocals)

Teresa Wu (vocals)

Alex Hensley (instrumental, mixing)

Composer, lyrics: Paul McCartney and John Lennon

Recorded in HiRise Apartments

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MK-JAG: “Cry”

Manyata Berbick(vocalist), Kadijah Matthews(vocalist), Gernald Hawkins Jr.(Rapper), Alondra Munoz(Critic), Jaylen Berry(Director and Beat Producer); Green St. Recording Studio

Lyrics: Etta James (All I Could Do Was Cry)

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Statesboro Blues

Cover of Statesboro Blues

Originally Composed by Blind Willie McTell

Katie Solomon- Vocals

Gwen Rosen – Vocals & Cello

Erin McGrath – Vocals & Guitar

Jessica Carlson – Video Production & Editing

Recorded in separated tracks in Garage Band, mixed by Katie, Gwen and Erin.

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“Wes Wings Tonight”

Ian Chabot- Vocals, Production

Ryan Flippin- Vocals, Production

Andres Rodriguez- Vocals, Production

Sean Regan- Production, videography

Original Song- “Afternoon Delight”- Starland Vocal Band

Wes Wings Tonight

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Ryan Breen “The Warmth Of The Sun”

Composer: Brian Wilson and Mike Love of The Beach Boys

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Production: Ryan Breen

Recorded In Ryan’s Room and Will Freudenheim’s Room

“The Warmth Of The Sun”



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