Hit The Road, Kidz Bop!

Tal Levran – Vocals Mary Chalino – Vocals Eric Wilson – Vocals Jon Puma – Vocals Thomas  Hailemariam – Vocals Maya Peterson – Vocals Sample: Hit The Road Jack Instrumental, originally composed by Percy Mayfield, and then covered by Ray Charles. Recorded At 142 Cross Street. Hit The Road, Kidz Bop!

Zoë Thrasher: “Stay With Me”

Zoë Thrasher (Vocals).  Lyrics: Jeff Lynne, James John Napier, Thomas Earl Petty, William Edward Phillips, Samuel Smith.  Producer: Richard Fessler.  Recorded 2/24/2015, Alpha Delta Phi Society Middletown Chapter Greene Room.  Engineer: Richard Fessler Instrumental Track: “Blue Guitar”: Earl Hooker (Guitar), Barkin Bill, Joe Lewis Walker.  Composer: Earl Hooker.  BMI Work # 128729 Stay With Me

FLB: “Chipotle Blues”

Finley Kincaid: Lead Vocals, Beat Leah Giacalone: Backup Vocals, Beat Brooke Hodgson: Backup Vocals, Beat Composer: Finley Kincaid Lyrics: Finley Kincaid, Brooke Hodgson, Leah Giacalone Beat/Melody sampled from: “I Met Him on a Sunday” by The Shirelles Garageband: Recorded in Bennet Hall “Chipotle Blues”