Zog and the Zoggettes: “Move it on Over”

“Move it on Over” Lyrics:   Pat Glenn Thomas Martello John Herzog Hank Williams Vocals: Pat Glenn Thomas Martello Colin Malarchuk Hunter Reynolds Ameritz Karaoke Entertainment Compilation: Colin Malarchuk   Recorded in Butterfields A room 306 Electronic Pieces: Hank Williams, “Move it On Over” Composer: Williams. Recorded 4/47, Nashville; released 6/47 Fiddle: Tommy  Jackson “Move … Read moreZog and the Zoggettes: “Move it on Over”

Three Strikes and You’re Out: Going Home Alone

Band name: Three Strikes and You’re Out Matt Kuhn (Vocals), Jeremy Epstein (Vocals), Jordan Stone (Vocals), and Beau Butler (Vocals) Sound Engineer: Jeremy Epstein Instrumental downloaded and imported to GarageBand via : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plVJJFF0GDY Studio: Garageband 5 Vine “Going Home Alone” Sample: Shake, Rattle, and Roll composed by Big Joe Turner Label Atlantic Records. Lyrics: Adaptation of lyrics … Read moreThree Strikes and You’re Out: Going Home Alone

Didi and the Dough Dough’s: “Bad and Bluesee”

Gabriel Sunshine: (Vocals, Organ, Arrangements, Producer, Engineer) Adi Tur-Kaspa: (Vocals, Lyrics, Co-Producer) Cotter Phinney: (Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Arrangements) Eric Zepeda: (Bass, Album Art)   Composers: Gabriel Sunshine and Cotter Phinney Lyrics: Migos, Gabriel Sunshine, Adi Tur-Kaspa Recorded on GarageBand   An adaptation of “Bad and Boujee” by Migos   Bad and Bluesee  

The Boat People: “Straighten Up and Fly Right”

Jahmir Duran-Abreu (Lead Vocals), Miles Mcleod (Drums), Johnnie Gilmore (Bass), Kelsey Gordon (Electric Piano), Dontay Downer (Guitar). Composer: Cole and Irving Mills. Arrangement: Miles Mcleod, Johnnie Gilmore, Kelsey Gordon, Dontay Downer, Lyrics: Jahmir Duran-Abreu, Nat “King” Cole. Recorded at Miles Mcleod’s home. Engineering/Mixing/Mastering: Miles Mcleod “Straighten Up and Fly Right”