Toot The Fruit: “Tutti Frutti”(cover) Song Format: Jacob – Chorus 1 & 2 Owen – Verse 1 Darreyl – Verse 2 Connor – Verse 3 Entire Group – Final Chorus   Technical Information: Original Song & Lyrics – “Tutti Frutti” by Little Richard “Tutti Frutti” Instrumental by Mad Singer Place of Recording: Zilka Gallery Audio Engineer: Denzel Williams Producer: … Read moreToot The Fruit: “Tutti Frutti”(cover)

Rye Shoes – “Hall of Hound Dogs”

Shlok Sharma (piano, vocals) Ryan Natcharian (vocals, rhythmic changes) Shlok Sharma (producer/engineer) Sample: “Hound Dog” recorded by Big Mama Thornton, composed by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. The song, “Hall of Hound Dogs,” was recorded on Shlok’s laptop. The title of the song is a pun. The song link is below. “Hall of Hound Dogs” … Read moreRye Shoes – “Hall of Hound Dogs”

The Sharpest Tools: “In The Pines”

Record Label: Walker’s Dorm Room Studio  Walker Brandt (Synthesizer & Vocals), Samuel Eaton (guitar and drums), Quinlan Mulcahy (lyrics and cover art) Equipment Includes: Scarlett 2i2 interface, electric fender guitar, and a Roland junto Gi synthesizer. The song was mixed and recorded on garage band. The title of the work is ‘In the Pines’. It … Read moreThe Sharpest Tools: “In The Pines”

Quads on the flop: Cardinal City

Graham Gilchrist (Recording Engineer and Mixer), Ricky Finkel (Lyrics), Nabeel Kamal (Lyrics, Vocals), Seth Pierson (Vocals). Sampled Electric City Instrumental, Recorded December 13, 2005 at the offices of The Lonely Island and Saturday Night Live, GE Building, New York City Label: Universal Republic Songwriters: Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, and Chris Parnell Producer: Jorma … Read moreQuads on the flop: Cardinal City

The Twisty Little Twizzlers: Twist and Shout

Cover of “Twist & Shout” by the Beatles, composed by Phil Medley and Bert Berns

Clara Babbott-Ward: guitar, bassoon, vocals, made small changes to lyrics

Jifang Lu: flute, vocals

Julia Brody-Barre: vocals

Tiah Shepherd: vocals

Recording Artist: Clara Babbott-Ward

Recording Studio: Clara’s house

Producer: Clara Babbott-Ward

Videographer/Animator: Jasper Shapiro

Twist and Shout