Terry – Sail on, Sailor

Terry Brannigan (vocals, bass, guitar, accordion, keys, midi drums) Recording studio: My room Audio Engineer: Terry Brannigan Songwriters: Brian Douglas Wilson / Jack Rieley / Raymond Louis Kennedy / Tandyn Almer / Van Dyke Parks Sail on, Sailor


Actors: Max Morton, Carla Combastet, and Graham Ferguson Camera: Stefano Canavesio Editing: Graham Ferguson and Stefano Canavesio Song in the music video: “Computer Love” by Kraftwerk Inspired by Andalusian Dog by Luis Bunuel Editing software: Final Cut Pro X  Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YdUnDTslMHJKms4BhkptjaCIagQJwVTU/view?usp=sharing

Church Street: “Mud”

Jazmin Davis: Vocals Elle Feigin: Lyricist Shane Kleber: Guitar and Vocals Kathy Liang: Art and Animation Ethan Park: Vocals, Production, Lyricist Natalie Williams: Art and Animation Composers: Jazmin Davis, Shane Kleber, and Ethan Park Lyrics: Elle Feigin and Ethan Park Audio Engineer: Ethan Park Recorded in 200 Church with Logic Pro X. “Mud”  

Ryan and the Runners: “The Warden”

Ryan Dirgins (vocals, keyboard, beat designer, audio engineer), Aidan Ward (Vocals), Will Ratner (Vocals); Composer: Ryan Dirgins; Lyrics: Will Ratner, Aidan Ward, Ryan Dirgins. Sample: Sam Cooke, “You Send Me.” Studios: Butts C, Low Rise A8. “The Warden”

Alice Keller and Sita McGuire: You’re My Best Friend (cover and music video)

You’re My Best Friend (Cover and music video) Alice Keller (video editor, actor), Sita McGuire (vocals, ukulele, actor) Composer: John Deacon Lyrics: John Deacon. Recorded in Clark Hall. Video shot in Clark Hall and at Red and Black Cafe. Production: Alice Keller Song/Video Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VjyrQbHLfxVM4WWAMFceYQo-sd1aDESS/view?usp=sharing

Kid Cosmonaut: “Trainyard”

Caroline Lamoureux (drums), Jake Manzo (guitar), Mallory Elliott (vocals), Max Murgio (Producer/Engineer), Matt Cross (Visuals/Video). Original Composition; Lyrics: Caroline Lamoureux. Recording studio: Music House, Middletown, CT. Video link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14XNW8AwNX00mPgKu7zwfGfVdOwfRghef/view?usp=sharing