Chinh and the Sexy Mamas: “Keds”

Chinh Duong (Lyrics, Director) Joanna Florento (Lyrics, Vocals, Actor) Nandita Vijayaraghavan (Vocals, Actor) Shayoni Nair (Lyrics, Actor) Katie Havlovic (Lyrics, Vocals, Actor) Composer: CJNSK (Chinh, Joey, Nandita, Shayoni, Katie) Audio vocals recorded at Green Street Arts Center Sound and video editing by Chinh Duong using Adobe Premiere CS4 in Clark 4 Lounge. Sampled: “Kids” (original … Read more

The Republicans: “Hungry Heart”

Chris Alvanos (Lead Vocals), Dave Amrhein (Backup Vocals), Vinny DeLalla (Backup Vocals), Grant Giordano (Backup Vocals). All group members made contributions to the lyrics and video. Backtrack taken from Bruce Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart”. Recorded at Green Street. “Hungry Heart”

Ice Jones

“Ice Jones” -Ice Jones and the Robot Rock Lyrics/vocals – Cam maloni, Conor Veeneman, Brian Studwell Filming – Conor Veeneman, Brian Studwell Video Editing – Cam Maloni, Conor Veeneman, Brian Studwell Audio Editing – Cam Maloni Featuring music from “Mr. Jones” by Mike Jones IZE Records Ice Jones (Low-Res version)

Interview with King George and The Royal Family

Interview with King George and The Royal Family Interview conducted by Sean Manning Cameraman: Sean Manning Video Editor: Sean Manning via MacBook Pro + Adobe Premier Band: King George and The Royal Family – The King George Brady (Keyboard, Vocals) [’09]; The Prince William Franklin (Lead Guitar) [’09]; The Duke of Dance Alex Moris (Vocals) … Read more

Access Granted: Behind The Gift

Parody of Making the Band; Preview before the final music video. Big Diddle (Stanley Grayson), Simien Fox (Steven Tolbert), Jennifer Matthews (A. Bebè), Jade (Tamar Charles), Katalina (Katerli Batista), Danja (Latasha Alcindor), Hype Martinez-cameraman (Pedro Vargas). Background Music: “O Fortuna”, Carl Orff. {”O Fortuna” is a poem from Carmina Burana, a collection of Latin poems … Read more

Dirty John and His Vine St. Band “Low Point Joe”

Low Point Joe Joe Del Visco – Guiarist, Lyricist Teddy Citrin – Vocal, Lyricist, Editor John Froats – Photography, Sound Check Nick Ajello – Photography Matt Ward – Organizer/Producer Gavin Brennan – Commentator Conor Malangone – Photographed Lead Singer, Head of Equipment Dj Bernatavitz – Lyrics, Coordinator Covered Song: Hard Time Killing Floor Blues, Chris … Read more

The Republicans: “Obama Pop”

Grant Giordano (Vocals), Vinny deLalla (Vocals), Chris Alvanos (Backup Vocals), Dave Amrhein (Backup Vocals) Lyrics: Et. All; Video Editing: Chris Alvanos; Music Editing: Dave Amrhein– using GarageBand; Composer of sampled backtrack (‘N Sync: “Pop”): Wade J. Robson,  Justin Timberlake. “Obama Pop”