TEAM X: Chicken Fried

A cover of Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band performed by Team X (Jack Bohnsack (Vocals, video editing, actor), Matthew Fitzsimons (Vocals, actor), Jack Eisenhardt (Vocals, actor), and Gerard Garofolo (Vocals, actor)) Video

F-SIM and the R202DAYS: “The Voyage Was Fine”

Stuart Conrad (Lyrics, Vocalist, Actor, Producer), Cas Kauffman (Lyrics, Videographer, Editor). Samples “Air France Airport Announcement – Authentic French” by ielanguages and President Reagan’s Radio Address to the Nation on Terrorism on May 31, 1986. Recorded in Art Workshops. Filmed in Russell House with assistance from Elena Baird. The Voyage Was Fine

“Make It Cheesy” by The Koast Kids

Max Forstein (vocals, acting, sound production), Alex Janower (vocals, acting, songwriting), Sara J. Larson (vocals, acting, video editing), Daniele Lerner (vocals, acting, video editing), Eagles (song inspiration, instrumental pulled from Youtube) Music Recorded: Music Studio 028, Bennet Hall 212, Somewhere near Needham, MA / Video Recorded: WeShop (Middletown, CT), Stop & Shop (Middletown, CT) MAKE … Read more

Ariana Venti: “Ground Control (To Bennet Hall)”

Rex Hechter (video editor, vocals), Carter Appleyard (producer, vocals), Elsa Lawrence (vocals), Kyra Nielsen (vocals), Grace Hudson (vocals). Composers: Carter Appleyard, Rex Hechter, Elsa Lawrence, Kyra Nielsen, Grace Hudson. Piano Audio from KaraFun. Original backing track: David Bowie, Mick Wayne, Herbie Flowers, Terry Cox, Paul Buckmaster, Tony Visconti, Rick Wakeman. Music recorded in study room … Read more

HAM!: “Fly Me To Typhoon”

Lachlan Simmers (Vocalist, Performer, Editor, Song Writer), Liam McCarthy (Vocalist, Performer, Song Writer), Will Hansen (Vocalist, Performer, Song Writer), Devin Prettyman (Vocalist Performer, Song Writer), Composer: Bart Howard; Electronic Sample: Fly Me To The Moon, by Evita HAM!: “Fly Me To Typhoon”

Chase Vaughan: Drum covers

Chase Vaughan: (Drums, editor, producer.) Sample: Call it Stormy Monday, T-Bone Walker. Johnny B. Goode, Chuck Berry. Devil In Her heart, The Beatles. Studio: Usdan Music Room B27. Drum covers from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s