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Statesboro Blues

Cover of Statesboro Blues

Originally Composed by Blind Willie McTell

Katie Solomon- Vocals

Gwen Rosen – Vocals & Cello

Erin McGrath – Vocals & Guitar

Jessica Carlson – Video Production & Editing

Recorded in separated tracks in Garage Band, mixed by Katie, Gwen and Erin.

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The Wesleyan(ettes): “Please Professor”

Steven Chen (Lead vocals, lyrics)

Eudice Chong (Lead vocals, lyrics)

Helen Klass-Warch (Vocals, lyrics)

Noah Staples (Vocals, lyrics)

Nicole DelGaudio (Videographer and Editor, lyrics)

Composer: Georgia Dobbins, William Garrett, Brian Holland, Robert Bateman, Freddie Gorman

Sampled: “Please Mr. Postman” by The Marvelettes

Green Street Recording Studio

Engineer: John Bergeron

Please Professor

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The Nutellas: “Stand By Me”

Cover of: “Stand By Me” as performed by Ben E. King, composed by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoeller

Gabrielle Vargas (vocals, actor)

Nebs Daniel (actor, producer, writer)

Isaac Gould (videographer, director)

Nicole Dallar (video editing, audio editing)

Recorded with Audacity in Butterfields A

Stand By Me



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group name: Ani Acopian

Ani Acopian

original song // video


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Tez and the Montessas: Lax (Summertime Lax)

Matt Montanez (Actor, Director, Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Editing, Cinematographer)

Tom Dupont (Actor and Lyrics)

Brendan O’Brien (Actor and Head Lyricist)

Grey Bradshaw-Mack (Actor, Lyrics, Choreography)

Richie Ortiz (Lyrics)


Instrumental: Boys (Summertime Love) by Sabrina

Recorded and Engineered by Matt Montanez


Lax (Summertime Lax)

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I Wish I had a Cool Name – “So Far Away”

Instruments (Piano, Drums, Saxophone, Guitar, Bass, Vocals), composition, recording, video, etc. by Adam Rochelle

Studio: My room? The CFA, Usdan Music Co-op room

So Far Away

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The Regime: “Pat Tillman”

Alex Daversa-Russo: Video and Audio Producer/Editor

Abo Mahmoud: Video and Audio Producer/Editor

Rob Manning: Vocalist/Lyrics

Aniello O’Connor: Vocalist/Lyrics

Composer: Toby Keith, Alex Daversa-Russo

Lyrics: Rob Manning, Aniello O’Connor

Sample: “Made In America” by Toby Keith

Recording Studio: Nicolson 7303A

Pat Tillman

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Deep Jew Something: “It Wasn’t Me”

Sam Rudovsky (vocals), Jake Roberts (vocals), Lainey Hellman (vocals). Lyrics: Sam Rudovsky, Jake Roberts, Lainey Hellman. Sample: “It Wasn’t Me”, Shaggy.  Recorded at Green Street Arts Center. Engineer: John Bergeron.

It Wasn’t Me


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Deep Jew Something: “Dinner At Summerfields”

Madelaine Hellman (vocals), Sam Rudovsky (vocals, piano) and Jake Roberts (vocals, guitar).

Composer: Todd Pipes; Lyrics: Madelaine Hellman, Sam Rudovsky, and Jake Roberts.

Video Editing: Madelaine Hellman

Recorded at Green Street Arts Center

Engineer: John Bergeron

Dinner At Summerfields

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Adam Rochelle: What Used to Be

Adam Rochelle: Piano, Bass, Drums, & Vocals; Composition & Lyrics. Recorded at CFA practice rooms, USMC practice room, & my dorm room.  February 2014.

What Used to Be


(Edit 3/3/14): Videography & Editing also by Adam Rochelle.

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