Lament of the Orphan Dolphins: The Ballad of Jerametrius Butler

Zander Furneas & Dan Henry (Lead Vocals), Zach Sadler & Dan Hulyk (Back Up Vocals), Hamilton Yu (Piano), Nikhil Sabharwal (arraignment & production).

Recorded at MerTownUSA aka Usdan Basement Music Room with an Edirol 2 mic recorder. Samples: The Doobie Brothers “Black Water”, Prince “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”, David Bowie “Space Oddity”.

The Lament of the Orphan Dolphins: The Ballad of Jerametrius Butler

After the release of “Somebody to Love” Hodgepoge split due to artistic differences. After some time, childhood best friends Zach Sadler and Dan Hulyk sought to reform the group. Forming the emotional and spiritual core, Sadler and Hulyc managed to reconcile the corrosive hatred felt between Nikhil Sabharwal and Dan Henry. Hamilton Yu returned to the group after playing the greatest rendition of Rachmaninoff ever performed at Carnegie Hall.

Though an optimistic spirit filled the members of Hodgepoge, Nikhil Sabharwal announced, to the great shock of the rest of the band, that he would cease to sing vocals, and instead would remain in the studio and produce the music. So, the five gods of music went in search for a new vocalist. After months of searching, the group found the musical virtuoso: Zander Furnas. And thus Lament of the Orphan Dolphins was born. With a new vocalist and and a plethora of psychedelic drugs , The Lament went into MerTownUSA to record.

This first single produced by Nikhil “the Fifth Beatle” Sabharwal descended upon high unto his hand (that means from god). This song was entitled the Ballad of Jerametrius Butler. The song features layered lead vocals by Dan Henry and Zander Furnas, Didgeridoo and Rap by Zander Furnas and background vocals by Zach Sadler and Dan Hulyk. Once again the piano genius of Hamilton Yu is featured in the song.

A special thanks is given to The Doobie Brothers and David bowie for their collaboration and instrumental aid. An extra special thanks is given to Prince for providing both instrumentation and background vocals. A super extra special thanks is given to the Beatles for being sweet.

Note: So as not to offend any members of the class all instances of the N-word in the Immortal Technique rap were changed to Eric as an homage to our professors good humor.

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