Bluesdan “My Card'” (Parody)

Link to cover art:


Composer: Charles Hertz, Michael O’Sullivan

Lyricist: Michael Vanelli

Cover Art: William Wallentine

Video: Charles Hertz


Charles Hertz: Piano

Michael O’Sullivan: Mouth Trumpet, Sax

Michael Vanelli and William Wallentine: Vocals


Parody of “My Handy Man Ain’t Handy no More” by Alberta Hunter

Recording Studio: Practice Room


For this historic project, four young men with no musical talent and only middle school band experience between them decided to embark on a journey without sheet music to create a song where every noise was made by their eight hands and mouth trumpet. To create this song, we had to listen and copy each instrumental note by note and compose our own music when necessary. Worth it

My Card’: