Class Sam Cooke Cover Band: “Wonderful Cartoon World”

Rodrigo San Roman  (Created/edited Music video, small edits to music, animations, filmed, actor) John Rodgers (Piano, bass, drums, recording, music editing, actor) Shuo Wang (Guitar, music editing, actor) Sample: Wonderful World, Sam Cooke (2 second clip) Recording Studio: Music Studio Room 015, recording was done by John and Shuo. Title fo our piece: Wonderful Cartoon … Read more

Anais Preller: “Change is Gonna Come” cover

Anais Preller (vocals, piano, bass, strings, electric keyboard). Composer: Sam Cooke; Lyrics: Sam Cooke. Recorded, produced, engineered, and mixed in my home studio by me. “Change is Gonna Come.”

The C-Boyz: “Incense”

Joey Light Rake (Beat), Tyler Cosgrove (Vocals), David Tirrell (Vocals), Alex Deutsch (Vocals) Composer: Joey Light Rake Lyrics: Joey Light Rake with consultation from Tyler Cosgrove and David Tirrell Samples: Wonderful World by Sam Cooke, Radio Recorders Studio in Los Angeles Composers- Lou Adler, Herb Alpert, Sam Cooke That’ll Be The Day by Buddy Holly … Read more

Ryan and the Runners: “The Warden”

Ryan Dirgins (vocals, keyboard, beat designer, audio engineer), Aidan Ward (Vocals), Will Ratner (Vocals); Composer: Ryan Dirgins; Lyrics: Will Ratner, Aidan Ward, Ryan Dirgins. Sample: Sam Cooke, “You Send Me.” Studios: Butts C, Low Rise A8. “The Warden”

Bessie and The Baes: “A Change Is Gonna Come”

Joby Levit (vocals), KG Morton (vocals, piano, horns, strings), Max Ewing (guitar), Amanda Schenkman (graphics).  Composer: Sam Cooke. Recorded in Butterfields A and Clark Hall.Production: Max Ewing and KG Morton A Change Is Gonna Come (Cover)Link:

Brother Green: “You Send Me”

Michael Friedrich (Vocals) Gili Lipman (Percussion MIDI) John Bergeron (Piano, Engineer) Tony Lombardozzi (Arrangement) Performed at Green Street Arts Center “You Send Me” Cover- Sam Cooke (1957) Keen Records

Nick, Robert, Moises: ”Long Time Coming”

Robert Augustine: Co-Composition, Production, Engineering, Sample Curation. Nick Springsteen: Co-Composition, Sample Curation, Production. Moises Valencia: Guitar, Sample Curation.   Samples: A Change Is Gonna Come Artist: Sam Cooke Composer(s): Sam Cooke & René Hall Label: RCA Victor Recording Studio: RCA Studios (Hollywood, CA)   Title: “Long Time Coming”          

Wonderful World (Jason Etenish and Isaiah)

Wonderful World (Jason Etenish and Isaiah) Isaiah (Vocals), Jason (Vocals), Etenish(Vocals). Electronic Sample: Sam Cooke, Wonderful World Recording Studio: Green Street Arts Center Lyrics: Jason Etenish Isaiah Engineer: Jason Etenish Isaiah  

SMH Wonderful World

SS (vocals), Dominique Moise (vocals), Stephen Howard (vocals) Composer: Sam Cooke, Lou Adler, Herb Alpert Lyrics: SS, Dominique Moise, Stephen Howard Electronic Sample: Wonderful World (In the Style of Sam Cooke) [Karaoke Version Instrumental Only] by ProSource Studio Musicians Recorded in Butts A Study Room with Zoom microphone (from Olin Music Library) Edited on Garageband … Read more