A Tribe Called Wes: “Wesleyan Paradise”

Sam “Big Bank” Barcelo (vocals), Alex “Eazy-E” Lawrence (vocals), Caitlin “Grandmaster Flash” Quigley (vocals), A- “Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force” -Trp (vocals). Instrumental Track: “Gangsta’s Paradise” (Coolio). Composer: Stevie Wonder. Lyrics: A Tribe Called Wes. Producer: John Bergeron. Recorded at Green St. Arts Studio. Wesleyan Paradise

$ound: Octopus’s Garden

Carlo Francisco (vocals, audio engineer). Lyrics: Ringo Starr, “Octopus’s Garden.” Instrumental: Chamillionaire, “Industry Groupie.” Concept based on “The Beats and The Beatles” by Chris Ditzler. Recorded and engineered using Adobe Audition 3.0. Octopus’s Garden