#NAPSTER: The Rise of Humanity Through The Eyes Of A (Shy) Komodo Dragon

#NAPSTER is Brewster Lee, Patrick Newman, and Lowell Wood.   Lowell Wood (Lyrics, project mgr., production) Pat Newman (lyrics,  vocals, production) Brewster Lee  (lyrics, vocals, keys/midi/drum kit, production, composition)   Synth Sample (from 1:15-2:00)- “Lies” by IS TROPICAL   Recorded in Brewster’s Room on High St.   The Rise Of Humanity Through The Eyes Of … Read more

The Illidelphia 56ers: “Fountain”

The Illidelphia 56ers Peter Taylor: Vocals David Skura: Vocals Composed and Written by Peter Taylor and David Skura Cover sample of “Hood Figga” by Gorilla Zoe Produced at Green St. Recording Studio by John Bergeron Fountain  

David Nam- Otis cover

David Nam (vocals, writer, actor) Gabe Beoudoin (edited the instrumental) MacBook (camera man) Recording Studio: Green St. Engineer: John Bergeron (producer) Sampled ‘Otis’ by Kanye West ft Jay-Z and Otis Redding Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rocafella (beat) Otis Redding (vocals) Otis Cover – my file was over 5mb so I youtubed. OTIS COVER

Strikingly Mediocre: “Back to Foss”

Lead Vocals: Ben Firn Backup Vocals: Jimmy Hill, Chris Law, Adam Watson, Jeff Blout, Kiley Robbins, Zak Malik Lyrics: Ben Firn, Jimmy Hill, Chris Law, Adam Watson, Jeff Blout, Kiley Robbins, Zak Malik Actors: Jimmy Hill, Chris Law, Adam Watson, Jeff Blout, Kiley Robbins, Zak Malik Film Production: Ben Firn, Adam Watson, Kiley Robbins Sample: “Like a Boss” … Read more

Chimera: “Get Wild”

Corey Sobotka (guitar) Leah Sherman (vocals, Garage Band) Andrew Postman (lyrics) Cassandra Lachona (lyrics) Nicole Dalessandro (vocals, lyrics, Garage Band)   Inspired by Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed   Recorded in Butterfields B   Get Wild

A Day Late, a Delta Short: “Zillionaire”

Jonathan Kim (Vocals) Lyrics: Andrew McKeon, David Knorr Production: Greg McDonough, Andrew McKeon Cover of “Billionaire”- Performed by Travis McCoy and Bruno Mars- Produced by The Smeezingtons Recorded using Garage Band on Mac Book Pro- Greg McDonough production engineer “Zillionaire”

TaKeover: “Overhaul”

Tommie “CFADC” Lark (vocals), Keila “Kiwii” Perez (vocals) Lyrics: Tommie Lark & Keila Perez Composer: Jermaine “J. Cole” Cole Electronically Sampled: “Lost Ones” by J. Cole Recorded at Usdan University Center, Engineers: Keila Perez & Tommie Lark “Overhaul”

Sockarooni: “Burning Down the House”

Jared Geilich (synth, percussion, vocals) Dan Hurlbert (guitar, vocals) Composers: David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth Lyrics: David Byrne Recorded in West College. Produced by Dan Hurlbert and Jared Geilich Title: Burning Down The House  

HashtagSwagBag: “Too Many Freshmen”

Ben Marcu (Vocals) Mark Bennett (Vocals) Composers: Ben Marcu and Mark Bennett Instrumental from “So Far To Go” by J Dilla featuring Common and D’Angelo. Written by Common and D’Angelo; Produced by J Dill. “So Far To Go” contains a sample from “Don’t Say Goodnight (It’s Time For Love)” by The Isley Brothers. Recorded at … Read more