Pita Helman and the Sailaway Boys: “Space Friends”

Justin Green (keyboard, lead vocals), Anton Meier (drums, guitar, vocals), Peetie McCook (bass, vocals), Peter Helman (Commander Pita, artwork). Composers: Justin Green, Anton Meier, Peetie McCook. Lyrics: Justin Green, Anton Meier, Peetie McCook, Peter Helman. Recorded at Green Street Arts Center. Engineer: John Bergeron. Space Friends.  

260 and That Guy From Fountain: We’re Outta here

James Forde (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals), Sam Factor (Guitar, Vocals), Peter Martin (Lead Guitar), Kim Farris (Vocals) Lyrics: James F., Sam F., Peter M., Kim F. Composition: James F., Peter M. Production: James F., Sam F. “We’re Outta Here” – 260 Pine – James F. and Sam F.

NSM- “Timber”

Ari Lewenstein: “Guitar”, vocals Margaux Sica: Piano, Vocals Ariel Kaluzhny: Vocals Alanah Hall: Xylophone, rain stick, vocals Lyrics: Ke$ha, Pitbull, Ariel Kaluzhny Produced: Jon Bergeron, Jack Lewis at Green Street Recording Studios Timber   1st Verse: чем больше деревo, чем громче оно падает громкий стук деревев, нас обычно радует мы порубим на куски, мы дровосеки … Read more

Cards At Work: “Class Down Under”

Class Down Under Sampling “Down Under” by Men At Work Jake Smith (vocalist, producer, lyricist), Jackson Brandstetter (vocalist, producer, costume designer) Recorded at Green Street Studios, Middletown, CT.

The Dirty Burgers: “Wescammin'”

Dylan Keegan: Vocals and lyrics Russell Madison: Vocals and lyrics Jackson Ulrich: Vocals and lyrics Nate Howell: Vocals and lyrics Alex Nunez: Lyrics and creative direction Recorded at Green Street Arts Center Engineer: John Bergeron Sample: Rick Ross, “Stay Schemin’” (Instrumental) Wescammin’

Tez and the Montessas: Lax (Summertime Lax)

Matt Montanez (Actor, Director, Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Editing, Cinematographer) Tom Dupont (Actor and Lyrics) Brendan O’Brien (Actor and Head Lyricist) Grey Bradshaw-Mack (Actor, Lyrics, Choreography) Richie Ortiz (Lyrics)   Instrumental: Boys (Summertime Love) by Sabrina Recorded and Engineered by Matt Montanez   Lax (Summertime Lax)

100 Trilla

Group Name: Wes Chillen Shane Donovan:(Lyricist, Vocalist, Sound Engineer, and Producer) Jake Siciliano:(Lyricist,and Vocalist) Greg Blaize:(Lyricist,and Vocalist) Edgar Bright: (Lyricist, Producer, Sound Engineer) 100 Trilla

Shelly-D and Yambs: “Last Night”

Amber Bruckner, Michele Drossner (vocals) Composers and Lyrics: Michele Drossner and Amber Bruckner Sampled: “Lose Myself” by OneRepublic Recorded at Green Street Arts Center. Engineer: John Bergeron Last Night