Material Charry: “”1985!” (feat. 1985)”

Composers: Penelope Lutvak and Oliver Benson Sampled: “1985” by Bowling for Soup, “Born in the U.S.A” by Bruce Springsteen, “Material Girl” by Madonna, “Jump” by Van Halen, “Take on Me” by a-ha, “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham! Material Charry: “”1985!” (feat. 1985)”

Little Feet: “Let’s Do It Again”

Trevor Dalton (vocals) Corey Silverman-Lloyd (vocals, keyboard, guitar) Teddy Keegan (viola, assistant engineer) Stella Ginsberg (drums) Composers: J Boog, Johann Pachelbel Lyrics: J Boog Recorded in Red Feather Studios. Engineered by Keizo Fish. Let’s Do It Again

The Main Act: “Mr. Big Stuff”

Aldo Lopez: Guitar Ainsleigh Caldicott: Vocals Lauren Fosnocht: Vocals John Rodgers: Drums, Bass, Hammond Organ, Recording/Production Recorded in Usdan room B22 Original Songwriters: Joseph Broussard, Carrol Washington and Ralph Thomas Williams “Mr. Big Stuff”

The Concise History Podcast

Content and Production: Olivia Gracey and JR Atkinson A 30 minute podcast covering 7 artists from the 60’s and early 70s. Featuring Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone, Judee Sill, Patsy Cline, Serge Gainsbourg, Thin Lizzy, and Steely Dan. Recorded at WESU with help from Ben Michael 3 minute excerpt for class (featuring “Crazy” by Willie Nelson … Read more

The Charries – “Eli’s Track”

Phillip Wong: Engineer, Production Lina Marcinczyk: Vocals, Lyrics, Engineer Ben Stagoff-Belfort: Vocals, Lyrics Kiki Vetoulis-Acevedo: Production, Lyrics, Coordinator Recorded in Harry Slattery’s studio (his room) Sample(s): ‘Big Bank’ by YG, ‘ZEZE’ by Kodak Black, ’10 Freaky Girls’ by 21 Savage, ‘Bands’ by Shoreline Mafia, ‘Wanted to be a Gangster’ from Goodfellas Eli’s Track