Geoff’s Angels: “Ain’t That a Shame Cover”

Chris Textor: Vocals Tucker Kelsch: Drum Kit Christian Quiñones: Electric Guitar Composers: Antoine “Fats” Domino Jr. and Dave Bartholomew Lyrics: Antoine “Fats” Domino Jr. and Dave Bartholomew Recording Studio: Cheap sk8 Studios. Wallingford, CT. Mixed by Glenn Erdos Title: Ain’t That a Shame Cover      

I.T.T.C.W.E. : The Sweet Blues

Coleton Reitan: Vocals Kai Marcos: Lyrics, Vocals Liam Rohan: Producer, Engineer Wesley Fritch: Artwork Walker Huff: General Coordinator, Artwork Recorded in Bennet Hall Studios Original Song: “Dust Bowl Blues” by Woody Guthrie Sample: “The Sweet Escape” [instrumental] by Gwen Stefani The Sweet Blues

Lina and the Leaky Faucets – Can’t Help Falling in Love (Cover)

Lina (Lead Vocals, Piano) Ben (Backup Vocals, Drums) Kiki (Co-Producer, Bass) Phillip (Co-Producer, Backup Vocals) Harry (Co-Producer) Recording Studio: West Co 1 (Foss 1) Harry’s Room Engineer: Harry Slattery and Phillip Wong Composer: Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore, George David Weiss Original Singer: Elvis Presley Lina and the Leaky Faucets – Can’t Help Falling in Love … Read more

The Bevs: “Remember My Name”

Nic Catalan (instrument, bass) Justin Johnson (instrument, guitar) Ethan (instrument, drums, mixing) Shakaa Chaiban (Engineer, mixing) Kayla Cabán (lyrics, melody, vocals) Hasanti Kelly (cover art) Kajayla Boyd (cover art) Sahara Sidi (lyrics) Pablo Cosio (lyrics) Ethan’s Room Remember My Name

The Main Act – “Ode to Wesleyan”

The Main Act- “Ode to Wesleyan” John Rodgers- drums, bass, recording/production Lauren Fosnocht- keys, vocals Aldo Lopez- guitar, composition   Original Songs: “House of the Rising Sun” -The Animals “You Really Got Me” -The Kinks “They Call it Stormy Monday” -T-Bone Walker   Recording location: Usdan room B24

Class Sam Cooke Cover Band: “Wonderful Cartoon World”

Rodrigo San Roman  (Created/edited Music video, small edits to music, animations, filmed, actor) John Rodgers (Piano, bass, drums, recording, music editing, actor) Shuo Wang (Guitar, music editing, actor) Sample: Wonderful World, Sam Cooke (2 second clip) Recording Studio: Music Studio Room 015, recording was done by John and Shuo. Title fo our piece: Wonderful Cartoon … Read more