Butts C Gang: “Butts C Lifestyle”

“Butts C Lifestyle” Ethan Diaz (vocals), Evan Diaz (vocals, writer), Glenn Osemeha (vocals), June Labourdette (vocals, writer, producer), and Cleo Riley (vocals, writer, producer) Recording Studio: Butts C 215 Original Song: “Lifestyle” – Rich Gang (Composed by London on the Track)      

The Tomatonator: “Marinara Sauce”

Eli Epstein-Lubow (vocals, production, lyrics, video performance), unofficial group member Julia Gillotti (co-writer, videographer, performer), guest videographer Hazel Milborn (not in this class). Sampled “Blitzkrieg Bop: Instrumental” by the Ramones. Recorded on Macbook Pro in Middletown, CT by Eli Epstein-Lubow. “Marinara Sauce”

SWA (Students With Attitude) – “Today Was A Good Day”

Lyrics by Isaiah Miller, Liam Reardon, Charlie Hoban, and Niko Candido. Vocals by Charlie Hoban, Luke LaSaracina, Isaiah Miller, Liam Reardon, Ryan Caserta, and Niko Candido. Producers: Luke LaSaracina and Ryan Caserta. Composer: Ice Cube. Set to the tune of “It Was A Good Day” https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C29lv2avwr3K9cLDZPwi6ZVy-xVzGDcy/view?usp=sharing

The Travel Boyz: “Train Ticket”

Patrick Rosetti (producer, vocals), Chase Wilson (vocals), Kerry Campbell (vocals) Composers: Patrick Rosetti, Chase Wilson, Kerry Campbell Lyrics: Patrick Rosetti, Chase Wilson, Kerry Campbell Sampling: Trans-Europe Express by Kraftwerk Recording Studio: Nicolson 6107 Engineer: Patrick Rosetti “Train Ticket” – The Travel Boyz Song: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UYMrAxQRBcCiYNMvOFYq7lOKVze3Uev4/view?usp=sharing