SAI- “Baby I Need Your Lovin'” (Cover)

Aliay Chavez (vocals, musical engineering), Stephanie Tanoh (bassist, lyricist), Ian Reyes (vocals, musical engineering) Composer: Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier Lyrics: Eddie Holland Recording Studio: Exley Basement Room 88 “Baby I Need Your Lovin’ (Cover)”

Kate & Ali: Be My Baby (Cover)

Kate Sheran (lead vocals, accompanying instruments) Ali Scher (backup vocals, accompanying instruments) Composers: Ellie Greenwich, Phil Spector, Jeff Barry Lyrics: Ellie Greenwich, Phil Spector, Jeff Barry Recorded on: MacBook Air Engineered by: Kate Sheran and Ali Scher “Be My Baby”

Anais Preller: “Change is Gonna Come” cover

Anais Preller (vocals, piano, bass, strings, electric keyboard). Composer: Sam Cooke; Lyrics: Sam Cooke. Recorded, produced, engineered, and mixed in my home studio by me. “Change is Gonna Come.”

The C-Boyz: “Incense”

Joey Light Rake (Beat), Tyler Cosgrove (Vocals), David Tirrell (Vocals), Alex Deutsch (Vocals) Composer: Joey Light Rake Lyrics: Joey Light Rake with consultation from Tyler Cosgrove and David Tirrell Samples: Wonderful World by Sam Cooke, Radio Recorders Studio in Los Angeles Composers- Lou Adler, Herb Alpert, Sam Cooke That’ll Be The Day by Buddy Holly … Read more