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Dan Berkowitz: “Fall In Love Once”

Daniel Berkowitz (composer, lyrics, guitar, vocals).  Recorded: Nicolson 55101 by Daniel Berkowitz

Fall In Love Once

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The Bandits: American heartthrobe, or pure SEX symbols?

John Torrenti (vocals), Ben Stockman (guitar, back-up vocals), Charles Riether (drums, cover art), Brent Winship (guitar, tamborine, back-up vocals).  Composed by Bradley Nowell (Sublime), lyrics by John Torrenti. Recorded at a Wesleyan music room by Brent Winship with Garage Band.

The Bandits: Summertime Magic

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Alex King: “Time”

 Alex King (composer, lyrics, guitar, vocals, piano, drums). Recorded in Alex King Recording Studio: Mac laptop in Hewitt 10.


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Gary Chance (producer), Harrison Schaaf (sound Engineer), Ian Johnson (sound Engineer), T.I. (vocals).  Original Sample: “The journey – Kopano part III” by Hans Zimmer off the “Tears of the Sun” sound track.  Acappella: “Bring Em’ Out” by T.I. off the album Urban Legend.

Recorded 4/20/08 at Wes. OE Music Group 2008.


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Hoochie Coochie Men: Inside the Music Studio with Robert Goulding

Eddie McLaughlin (Vocals), Adam Kirk (Guitar), Jeff Strittmatter (Tambourine), Field Yates (Keyboard), Robert Goulding (Host), Tyler Byrne (Director)

Hoochie Coochie Men: Inside the Music Studio

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Lament of the Orphan Dolphins: The Ballad of Jerametrius Butler

Zander Furneas & Dan Henry (Lead Vocals), Zach Sadler & Dan Hulyk (Back Up Vocals), Hamilton Yu (Piano), Nikhil Sabharwal (arraignment & production).

Recorded at MerTownUSA aka Usdan Basement Music Room with an Edirol 2 mic recorder. Samples: The Doobie Brothers “Black Water”, Prince “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”, David Bowie “Space Oddity”.

The Lament of the Orphan Dolphins: The Ballad of Jerametrius Butler

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It’s All Natural: “Blowin’ In The Wind”

Kyle Baicker-Mckee (Didgeridoo), Daniel Conroy (Harmonica), Damian Privitera (Vocals), Nicholas Matayoshi (Ukulele) [Not in Class]. Lyrics and Music by Bob Dylan. Arranged by: Daniel Conroy, Kyle Baicker-McKee. Recorded and engineered by Damian Privitera using Garageband.

Blowin’ In The Wind

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Dandel: “Darkness Between Light”

Dan Levine: written, composed, keyboard, vocal

Darkness Between Light

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Everybody Dance in the Disco, by Jake Leiber aka Big Poppa aka Jack the Ripper

Song Sampled, “Galaxy” by War, all amendments to original track, all lyrics, vocals, and production by Jake GARFIELD Leiber.

Everybody Dance in the Disco 

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Blind Joe Death Goes Electric

Ezra Raphael Silk (Guitar). Composed by John Fahey.

The Portland Cement Factory at Monolith, California

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