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“22 Answers” — The Cope ft. Mr. Saldy

Ben Hoynes (vocals, lyrics, production)

Nick Cooney (vocals, lyrics)

Matt Sorkin (vocals, lyrics)

Jon Dennett (vocals, lyrics)

Greg Kozemchak (vocals, lyrics)

Sampled Track: “21 Questions” by 50 Cent

Recorded in Butterfield A on GarageBand

22 Answers

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“Check It” – The Ol’ Stoned Deltas

The Ol’ Stoned Deltas – “Check It”


1) Eddie Holman – “I Love You”

2) Nas – “Heaven”

Engineer: Daniel Gordon, Shane Donovan

Studio: Delta Kappa Epsilon Library via external microphone/garage band


Daniel Gordon ’16: co-producer, editor, engineer

Shane Donovan ’16: lyrics, vocals

Vincent Davis ’15: lyrics, vocals

Ibraheem Khadar ’15: lyrics, vocals

Darien Abari: co-producer




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Busch League Men: “On The Top, Spit On The Bottom”

On the top, spit on the bottom

Guiseppe Amendola (Lyrics, Vocals, Producer)

Quentin Dellafera (Lyrics, Vocals)

Jackson Arnold (Lyrics, Vocals)


Sampled from Wiz Khalifa “Work Hard Play Hard”

Recorded in 226 Bennet Studios

Engineer: Guiseppe Amendola

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Caffeine Chronicles: “100 Black Coffees”

WIlliam Croughan (Vocals, Chorus), Austin Frank (Vocals, Verse 1), Michael Reilly (Vocals, Verse 1), John Meehan (Vocals, Verse 2), Jacob Sheffer (Editor, Lyrics)

Sample: “100 Black Coffins” Artist: Rick Ross,  Composers: Jamie Foxx & William Roberts, Studio: Visiona Romantica Inc.

Recorded using a macbook in our dorm room.

100 Black Coffees 

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WeSide Boys: “Wifey Season”

Keith Spencer (Lyrics, Vocal)
Eric Jones (Lyrics, Vocal)
Craig Weinhaus (Lyrics, Vocal)
Wilson Flower (Lyrics, Vocal, Producer)

Sample from Biz Markie’s “Just A Friend” who sampled Freddie Scott’s “(You) Got What I Need”

Recorded on Garage Band in Hewitt 8.

Wifey Season

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The Olympic Village: “Fantasy Football League”

Aidan Daniell: Vocals, Lyrics

Benjamin Davis: Vocals, Lyrics, Mixing

Joey Porcelli: Vocals, Lyrics

Nathaniel Ryan: Vocals, Lyrics

Samuel Stanton: Vocals, Lyrics


Sampled from: Dustin Kay: “Rock n Roll Fantasy (Instrumental)”

Composed by: Brian Howe, Paul Rodgers (Bad Company)


Recorded in BTP Studios

Engineer: Benjamin Davis


The Olympic Village: “Fantasy Football League”


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Lose It ft. Shane D

Lose It ft. Shane D

Track: Killn’em by Camp Lo

Vincent Davis: First Chorus, Last Verse, Ad Libs

Jon Spivey: First Verse, Second Chorus, Ad Libs

Matt Polacek: Producer, Technician, Deleivery Coach

Shane D: Second Verse, Third Chorus


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Super Gallivin Brothers: I Found Someone Too (Loved Too Well)

Bryan Galvin (Lyrics, Vocals)

Tim Gallivan (Lyrics, Vocals, Composer, Engineer)


Recorded on Logic Pro in Hewitt 9

I Found Someone Too (Loved Too Well)

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Tri-fection – College Daze

In order of appearance:

Khalif Gresham- Lyricist, Engineer

Ashley “The Pharaoh” Arkhurst- Lyricist

Rashad Coleman- Lyricist

Sample of a sample: Kendrick Lamar- His Pain; James Brown- Sunny Days

Garage Band (Usdan 136)

College Daze

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Young C’s, “Olin Talk”

Jessica Cherenza (vocals), Karly Finison (vocals), KellyAnn Rooney (vocals), Miller Hartsoe (vocals). Lyrics: Cherenza, Finison, Rooney, Hartsoe.

Sample: “Beauty and a Beat”, Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj

Green Street Arts Center Recording Studio.

Sound Engineer: John Bergeron

Olin Talk

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