The Olympic Village: “Stuck in the Middletown Inn”

Aidan Daniell (Vocals) Benjamin Davis (Vocals) Joseph Porcelli (Vocals) Nathaniel Ryan (Vocals) Samuel Stanton (Vocals)   Lyrics: Joseph Porcelli   Instrumental: Stealers Wheel, “Stuck in the Middle With You”   Recorded: BTP Studies Benjamin Davis (Engineer)   “Stuck in the Middletown Inn”

The Olympic Village: “Fantasy Football League”

Aidan Daniell: Vocals, Lyrics Benjamin Davis: Vocals, Lyrics, Mixing Joey Porcelli: Vocals, Lyrics Nathaniel Ryan: Vocals, Lyrics Samuel Stanton: Vocals, Lyrics   Sampled from: Dustin Kay: “Rock n Roll Fantasy (Instrumental)” Composed by: Brian Howe, Paul Rodgers (Bad Company)   Recorded in BTP Studios Engineer: Benjamin Davis   The Olympic Village: “Fantasy Football League”