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NSM: “We’re Going to Be Friends”


Album Cover

Ari Lewenstein (Mandolin, Vocal), Ariel Kaluzhny (Guitar, Vocal), Margaux Sica (keyboard, vocal, maraca), Alanah Hall (Xylophone, maraca, vocal)

Composer: Jack White, Meg White

Lyrics: Jack White

Recorded at Wesleyan Recording Studio with engineer Jack Lewis

We’re Going to Be Friends

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Two and Half Wrestlers: “Youth”

James Kellner (Vocals, made beat) Joseph Koshakow (Vocals) Chris Siracusa (Vocals).

The two poems we used were We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks and Laughter, by Conrad Aiken

Title of the piece is “Youth


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The Dirty Burgers: Cardinal Blues

Dylan Keegan: Vocals

Alex Nunez: Vocals

Jackson Ulrich: Vocals

Nate Howell: Vocals

Russell Madison: Lyrics

Sample: Muddy Waters, “Hoochie Coochie Man”

Engineer: John Bergeron

Recorded at Green Street Studio

“Cardinal Blues”

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The Beatles 2: “Trouble”

Sam Beck (Digital Production: Drums, Bass, Synth, Guitar)

Andrew Pace (Guitar, Vocals)

Composers: Andrew Pace, Sam Beck

Lyrics: Andrew Pace, Sam Beck

Recorded: WestCollege 4 (Sam’s Room!)



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Connor Schon: “Santa Fe”

Connor Schon (all vocals, instruments and drum programming, mixing, engineering)

Composer: Zach Condon

Lyrics: Zach Condon

Original Song by Beirut

Recorded in The Butterfield C Studio

Santa Fe


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Adam Rochelle: What Used to Be

Adam Rochelle: Piano, Bass, Drums, & Vocals; Composition & Lyrics. Recorded at CFA practice rooms, USMC practice room, & my dorm room.  February 2014.

What Used to Be


(Edit 3/3/14): Videography & Editing also by Adam Rochelle.

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260 and That Guy From Fountain: Temple of Doom

James Forde (vocals, guitar, bass, drums), Sam Factor (vocals, rhythm guitar), Peter Martin (vocals, lead guitar), Kim Farris (vocals, guitar)

Lyrics: James F., Sam F., Peter M., Kim F., Nat King Cole and Irving Mills

Composition: James F., Peter M.

Production: James F., Sam F.

Chorus lyrics taken from “Straighten Up and Fly Right” – Nat King Cole


Temple of Doom” – 260 Pine – James F. and Sam F.

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Pita Helman and the Sailaway Boys: Pizza Blues


Anton Meier (lead vocals, drums), Justin Green (guitar, sax, vocals), Peetie McCook (bass, vocals), Peter Helman (album artwork)

Composers: Justin Green, Anton Meier, Peetie McCook

Lyrics: Anton Meier, Justin Green, Peetie McCook

Recorded at Green Street Arts Center. Engineer: John Bergeron

Pizza Blues

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Tez and the Montessas: It’s Not Unusual

Matt Montanez (Actor, Director, Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Video Post-Production, Cinematographer)

Tom Dupont (Actor, Lyrics, and Choreography)

Brendan O’Brien (Actor and Lyrics)

Grey Bradshaw-Mack (Actor and Lyrics)

Richie Ortiz (Actor and Lyrics)


Instrumental: It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones

Recorded and Engineered in TeZ 212 Studios by Matt Montanez and Tom Dupont

Guest Cameraman: Evan Isaacs


Its Not Unusual

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The One Take Wonders: “My City”

Sebastian Canizares (Vocal/Lyrics)

Justin Sanchez (Vocal/Lyrics)

Lou Stevens (Vocal/Lyrics)

Reid Andrew (Vocal/Lyrics)

Damien Vega (Vocal/Lyrics)


Recording Engineer: Sebastian Canizares

Recording Studio: The Usdan Music Room


Sample: Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza – Mac Miller city 3 min version 1.m4a

(3 Min version) city.m4a

(full version)


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