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Crossroads Final Music Magazine 2016

Editors-in-Chief: Sariel Friedman & Noam Radcliffe

Creative Director: Sariel Friedman

Literary Editor: Noam Radcliffe

Copy Editors: Noam Radcliffe, Annie Ferreira, Amber Dimitroff, & Corey Aviles

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Crossroads Music Magazine Issue II

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The Spagetti-No’s: Sweet Caroline

Roman Darker (vocals, guitar, mixing, and keyboard)

Sarah Jacobs (mixing, keyboard and synthesizer)

Composer: Neil Diamond; Lyrics: Neil Diamond

Recorded in Butterfields C

Blind Jelly Records

Sweet Caroline?


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Octagem: “we r one”

Octavio Rodriguez (guitar, vocals, drum track) and Gemma Shay (bass guitar)

Composition and Lyrics: Octavio Rodriguez and Gemma Shay

Mixed and produced on GarageBand by Octavio Rodriguez

we r one

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The Sea Shore Sea Shell Sellers: Rapture 2.0

Cover Art Rapture 2.0

Dante DeSario (Lyrics, Production) and Sam Green (Lyrics, Creative Input, Cover Art)

Composers: Dante DeSario, Sam Green, Garry Schyman

Lyrics: Dante DeSario, Sam Green, Deborah Harry, Chris Stein

Engineering/Production: Dante DeSario

Creative Input: Sam Green

Cover Art: Sam Green

Song Sampled: Blondie, Rapture

Neumann tlm 103 microphone, recorded in Nics.

The Sea Shore Sea Shell Sellers: Rapture 2.0


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Moises Valencia: “bayuncada”

Moises (Composition, Guitar/Bass, Production & Engineering)

Composer: Moises Valencia

Bedroom Recording



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The Guess What: “These Eyes”

Jake Rogers (bass, synth, mixing)

Sam Dewees (mixing, producing)

Hayden Jones (backing vocals, poem)

Megan West (guitar)

Babe Howard (vocals)

Nathan Ehrlich (trombone)

Composers: Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings

Lyrics: Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings

Recorded in Clark Hall. Engineered by Sam Dewees.

These Eyes

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Zay Tom, Mitchy Mitch and the Vibrant Duo: “Aura”

Jason Mitchner (lyrics, vocals, producer), Isaiah Thomas (lyrics, vocals, bongo drums), Shayna Beaumont (bass guitar, vocals), Etenish Abebe (vocals, lyrics)

Song: Aura

Lyrics: Jason Mitchner, Isaiah Thomas

Composer(s): Etenish Abebe, Shayna Beaumont, Jason Mitchner, Isaiah Thomas

Original Song: Aura

Recorded in Green Street Studio & Engineered by John Bergeron

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Tastebudz – All 9000

Group members:

Robert Augustine (Composition, Engineering, & Production)

Nick Springsteen (Composition & Production)

Composer: Nick and Robert

Sample used: Desire – David Lewis Luong

Studio: N/A

All 9000

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Close Enough to Europe: The Final Final

Hailey Sholty (keyboard, producer), Jenny Robinson (Vocals), Sarah Goss (lyrics), Grace Keogh (lyrics), Ally Branman (lyrics)

Composer: Joey Tempest

Original Song: Europe, The Final Countdown

Sampled Music: Joey Tempest, The Final Countdown (:05 to :12)

Recorded in High Rise using Garageband

The Final Final

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S.A.C.C. – Leave (Or Don’t)

Group Members: Spencer Gooding (Composition, Creative Input), Celia Joyce (Cover Design, Creative Input) Claire Graham (Cover Design, Creative Input) Anthony Muraco (Program Expertise, Creative Input)

Song Sampled: Leave (Get Out), JoJo (2004) Blackground Records




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