Close Enough to Europe: The Final Final

Hailey Sholty (keyboard, producer), Jenny Robinson (Vocals), Sarah Goss (lyrics), Grace Keogh (lyrics), Ally Branman (lyrics) Composer: Joey Tempest Original Song: Europe, The Final Countdown Sampled Music: Joey Tempest, The Final Countdown (:05 to :12) Recorded in High Rise using Garageband The Final Final

The Baby Ruths: “Mama, He’s Sorry”

Hailey Sholty (Guitar, vocals), Jenny Robinson (Vocals), Sarah Goss (Piano), Grace Keogh (drums) Producer: Hailey Sholty Original lyrics from Ruth Brown’s “Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean” and Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” Recorded in High Rise using Garageband and a microphone rented from Fisk Mama, He’s Sorry