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Black Friday Basement Bros: “Parrot Fart”

Sam Ottinger (Guitar/Vocals) 

Keenan Mitchell (Drums)

Jesse Newberg (Tape Delay)


Music composed by Sam Ottinger, Keenan Mitchell and Jesse Newberg

Lyrics by Sam Ottinger


Recorded and engineered by Sam Ottinger using Garageband. 

Recorded at Eclectic (200 High Street).


Parrot Fart

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2009: Spring Projects (the magazines)

2009 spring midterm magazine: music 108 inside

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“Black Friday” promotional poster

Ray Brown – Artist

Samuel Ottinger – Composer of opera

“Black Friday” Rock Opera promotional poster

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Synesthesia (featuring the Time Whale): Tryptamine

Daniel Goldman (Synth), William Miller (Synth), Hansine Heggeness (Vocals),

Music and Lyrics composed by: Daniel Goldman and William Miller

All music was recorded, produced, and edited by Daniel Goldman and William Miller using Reason software .

Vocals recorded in Will’s room using Garageband software. 


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Recording sessions at Green Street

Nam Anh Ta
Midterm project.
Photographs from recording sessions at Green Street Art Center.
Sized for the class magazine. PDF Version Available.
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Ice Jones

“Ice Jones” -Ice Jones and the Robot Rock

Lyrics/vocals – Cam maloni, Conor Veeneman, Brian Studwell
Filming – Conor Veeneman, Brian Studwell
Video Editing – Cam Maloni, Conor Veeneman, Brian Studwell
Audio Editing – Cam Maloni

Featuring music from “Mr. Jones” by Mike Jones

IZE Records

Ice Jones

(Low-Res version)

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Long John and the Johnettes: “Long John Blues”

Sara Haralson (vocals), Eli Scherer (Vocals), Tess Smagorinsky (Vocals, Keyboards).  Composed by Sara Haralson, Eli Scherer and Tess Smagorinsky.  Lyrics by Sara Haralson, Eli Scherer and Tess Smagorinsky.

Recorded at Green Street Arts Center by John Bergeron.

Long John Blues

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Interview with King George and The Royal Family

Interview with King George and The Royal Family

Interview conducted by Sean Manning

Cameraman: Sean Manning
Video Editor: Sean Manning via MacBook Pro + Adobe Premier
Band: King George and The Royal Family
– The King George Brady (Keyboard, Vocals) [’09]; The Prince William Franklin (Lead Guitar) [’09]; The Duke of Dance Alex Moris (Vocals) [’09]; The Count Jonathan Myers (Drums) [’11]; The Duchess Melanie Brady (Vocals) [’12].

Perfomance recorded at Beta Event: Birthright Earth Fund Raiser 2/13/09 with permission
Interviews recorded at 146 High 2/09
News Studio recorded at Butt B 2/20/09

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Access Granted: Behind The Gift

Parody of Making the Band; Preview before the final music video.

Big Diddle (Stanley Grayson), Simien Fox (Steven Tolbert), Jennifer Matthews (A. Bebè), Jade (Tamar Charles), Katalina (Katerli Batista), Danja (Latasha Alcindor), Hype Martinez-cameraman (Pedro Vargas).

Background Music: “O Fortuna”, Carl Orff. {”O Fortuna” is a poem from Carmina Burana, a collection of Latin poems written in early 13th century. German composer Carl Orff selected 24 poems from the collection and set them to new music between 1935 and 1936.}; “Return of the Mack”, Mark Morrison (Atlantic, 1996). Music from Studio session clips created by Group Members (will be instrumental used for the song and music video).

Access Granted: Behind the Gift

Youtube Version

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Dirty John and His Vine St. Band “Low Point Joe”

Low Point Joe

Joe Del Visco – Guiarist, Lyricist

Teddy Citrin – Vocal, Lyricist, Editor

John Froats – Photography, Sound Check

Nick Ajello – Photography

Matt Ward – Organizer/Producer

Gavin Brennan – Commentator

Conor Malangone – Photographed Lead Singer, Head of Equipment

Dj Bernatavitz – Lyrics, Coordinator

Covered Song: Hard Time Killing Floor Blues, Chris Thomas King

Garage Band Recording, Self Engineered

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