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Mickey: “Wham City”

Mickey Capper (Producer/Vocals), Performers who are not members of the group (in order of appearance and all doing vocals): Paul Silverman,, Emily Black, Molly Hanessian, Betsy Sallee, Enobong Etteh, Katie Deane, Will Schragis, Kelsey Siegel, Spencer Hattendorf, Michael Ullman, Isabel Bernstein, Ally Bernstein, Scott Infusino, Nate Mondschein, and John Snyder

Music & Lyrics by Dan Deacon

Wham City

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The Royal Flush: “An Experiment in Gambling and the Blues that Result”

Nick Luby (Piano)

Madeline Caldwell (Vocals)

Composer: Madeline Caldwell, Nick Luby, Phyllis Shotwell

Lyrics: Madeline Caldwell and Phyllis Shotwell

Recorded: Green Street by John

“An Experiment in Gambling and the Blues that Result”

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Grassroots: “Mary Jane”

Henry Robertson (Composer, Lead Guitar, Vocals), Bastian Rauch (Drums), Hahnsol Park (Bass), and Vernon Thommeret (Rhythm Guitar).

Grassroots: Mary Jane

Recorded at Green Street Arts Center by John Bergeron.

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The Speed Skaters: “Revenue Man Blues”

Syd Berkman (vocals, guitar), Mark Fajans (guitar), Gabe Castanon (drums, harmonica). Original composition/lyrics: Charley Patton. Recorded at Green Street Arts Center by John Bergeron.

“Revenue Man Blues”

Original “Revenue Man Blues” – Charley Patton

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Fresh Boy$: “Fail Me Now”

Derick Beresford (Vocals), Shasha “1 take” Brown (Vocals), Mike”Duds” Dudley (Vocals), Ameer “Spoof” Brown (Vocals), David “Fresh” Fogel (Producer, Composer)
Instrumental from “Tie Me Down” by the New Boyz ft. Ray J
Written By: Derick Beresford, Shasha Brown, Mike Dudley, Ameer Brown, & David Fogel

Recorded in Clark Hall

“Fail Me Now”

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The Mermen!: “The Middle”

Emily Ibarra (vocals), Shinekwa Kershaw (vocals), Jason Katzenstein (piano). A cover of a song initially composed by Jimmy Eat World; lyrics: Jimmy Eat World. Recorded by Jason Katzenstein on Garageband

The Middle

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Big Wood and The Splinters: “Welcome to the Westech”

Donald Kleckner (Vocals), George Russell (Vocals), Woody Redpath (Vocals), AR (Back-up Vocals), Taryn Murray (Back up vocals) Lyrics: AR, Taryn Murray, and George Russell. Instrumental: “Miami” by Will Smith. “Welcome to the Westech” was recorded in Wood Redpath’s House on 6 Fountain Ave using Garageband. Engineers: AR and Taryn Murray.

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The Course Clickers – “I Fell In Love (At Usdan)”

Conor Byrne (guitar, backing vocals), Nicholas Devane (backing vocals), Grant Covington (lead vocals). Composer: Conor Byrne. Lyrics: Conor Byrne, Nicholas Devane, Grant Covington, Hannah Robinson, Emily Kodis.

The Course Clickers: “I Fell in Love at Usdan”

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Spring Sunday Sunday.m4a

Performed and composed by Kim Ladd with JCribb at vocals and percussion.

Recorded in 200Church

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Vanilla Twilight [Owl City Cover]

Vanilla Twilight [Owl City Cover]

Matt Motta : Piano
Mike Nakhla : Guitar & Vocals
Composer : Adam Young, Lyrics : Adam Young
Recorded at Green Street Arts Center with John Bergeron

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