Fresh Boy$: “Forever (Remix)”

Mike Dudley (vocals), Derick Beresford (vocals), Ameer “Spoof” Brown (vocals), Shasha “ChaChi” Brown (vocals), David “Fresh” Fogel (Producer, vocals) Composer: Mike Dudley and Derick Beresford. lyrics: Mike Dudley, Derick Beresford, Spoof, Fresh, Chachi. Sampled “Forever” By Drake. Recorded in Clark Hall using Garage Band on May 5th, 2010. Forever (Remix)

Fresh Boy$: “Fail Me Now”

Derick Beresford (Vocals), Shasha “1 take” Brown (Vocals), Mike”Duds” Dudley (Vocals), Ameer “Spoof” Brown (Vocals), David “Fresh” Fogel (Producer, Composer) Instrumental from “Tie Me Down” by the New Boyz ft. Ray J Written By: Derick Beresford, Shasha Brown, Mike Dudley, Ameer Brown, & David Fogel Recorded in Clark Hall “Fail Me Now”