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SHAGA: Mama Said

Chloe Malushaga (vocals, piano)

Sam Anschell (saxophone, not in MUSC 108)

Composer: Chloe Malushaga

Lyrics: Chloe Malushaga

Recorded at Red Feather Recording Studios, engineered and mixed by Chloe Malushaga


Mama Said, inspired by the Shirelles, Mama Said

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The Popping Charry’s: “Skyway”

Band Members: Jacob Zilversmit (Acoustic Guitar), Robert Moderelli (Vocals), Nic Catalan (Bass), and Apple Farrelly (Artwork)

Composer: Paul Westerberg (of The Replacements)

Lyrics: Paul Westerberg

Recorded under a neon Budweiser window sign at Butts Studios

Engineers: Jacob Zilversmit and Nic Catalan

Song: “Skyway” by The Replacements

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Airplanes: “White Rabbit”

John (Guitar, Music Engineering, actor)

Rodrigo (Creating Music Video, actor)

Sample: “White Rabbit” Jefferson Airplane

Recorded in Music Studio

WARNING: Rapid color changes occur

White Rabbit

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Bergeron Brothers: “Coffee With da Cream”

Ethan Lichtenstein: Producer

Nic Catalin: Producer

Shakaa Chaiban: Lyrics and Vocals

Hasanti Kelly: Cover Art

John “The Cajun Prince” Bergeron: Engineer/Life Coach

AWKS 104 recording studio.


Bergeron Brothers: “Coffee With da Cream”

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Material Charry: “”1985!” (feat. 1985)”

Composers: Penelope Lutvak and Oliver Benson

Sampled: “1985” by Bowling for Soup, “Born in the U.S.A” by Bruce Springsteen, “Material Girl” by Madonna, “Jump” by Van Halen, “Take on Me” by a-ha, “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham!

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Open Mic: “I Make Music”

    • Sahara (vocals, lyrics)
    • Kayla (vocals, cover art)
    • Sample –  Slum Village’s “Tell Me”
    • Recorded on Garage Band in the Art Studio
    • Open Mic’s “I Make Music”

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Rock Hard: “Dear Angie”

Alex Rogers (Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals)

Tomas O’Brien (Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocals, Bass)

Composer: Ron Griffiths

Lyrics: Ron Griffiths, Tomas O’Brien

Recorded: Garageband

Dear Angie


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The Main Act: “Mr. Big Stuff”

Aldo Lopez: Guitar

Ainsleigh Caldicott: Vocals

Lauren Fosnocht: Vocals

John Rodgers: Drums, Bass, Hammond Organ, Recording/Production

Recorded in Usdan room B22

Original Songwriters: Joseph Broussard, Carrol Washington and Ralph Thomas Williams

“Mr. Big Stuff”

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Doug E. King and Slightly Less Boys: Twist and Shout


Doug Hartshorn: Lead Vocalist

Henry Lane: Producer, Background Vocals

Eric Gooden: Background Vocals, Percussion

Luca Lorenzoni: Cover Art, Percussion

Place of Recording: Fauver 103(Doug’s Room)

Sample: Twist and Shout(Beatles version), originally written by Phil Medley and Bert Russell, produced by George Martin, and performed by the Beatles

Doug E. King and Slightly Less Boys: Twist and Shout

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Peter and the Ankers: Beast of Burden


Matt Beetham: Drums

Andrew McCracken: Guitar

Andrew Jacono: Guitar

Phillipe Bungabong: Vocals

Peter August Anker: coordinator, maker of the album cover, assembling the group, producer.

Recorded at Red Feather Music Studio

Recording Engineer: Rebecca Roff

Lyrics: Jagger/Richards

Cover of The Rolling Stones


Beast of Burden

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