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The Band Formerly Known As My Mom is Mad at Me Because I Snuck Out Last Night: “Sandwiches”

Stephen Rossetti(Guitar, Bass), Jude Lindberg(Vocals),  David Zajac(Drums), Philharmonia Orchestra(Trumpet)

Composer: Stephen Rossetti; Lyrics: Jude Lindberg

Recorded in the Usdan Music Room

Trumpet sample source  



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Willy Wonka and the Groove Factory “Ode to Wesleyan”

Will Kearney (Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Peyton Whitaker (Lead Vocals), Nick Taylor (Vocals, Set up the studio time), Nick Goodwin (Vocals), Ryan Gosiker (Vocals).

Music: “Deal” by the Grateful Dead

Composer: Jerry Garcia

Lyrics: Nick Goodwin, Peyton Whitaker, Will Kearney, Nick Taylor, Ryan Gosiker

Location- Red feather Studios

Engineer- Matthew Forker

Ode to Wesleyan (Song ends at 2:30)

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Charry Music Magazine

Editor: Katherine Murtha

Layout: Cody Pearl, Allison Battinelli

Contributors: Will Hein, Jack Ginsberg, Julian Carraway, Adam Siegel, Dylan Millhouse, Zaynah Karem, Chase Pratt, Emma Greenfield


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Smoke Smoke Smoke Smoke Smoke.m4a

Everything by Marina Friend (except for lyrics, by Tex Williams)

Based off of Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) by Tex Williams (1947)


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Crossroads Final Music Magazine 2016

Editors-in-Chief: Sariel Friedman & Noam Radcliffe

Creative Director: Sariel Friedman

Literary Editor: Noam Radcliffe

Copy Editors: Noam Radcliffe, Annie Ferreira, Amber Dimitroff, & Corey Aviles

Read it here!!!

Crossroads Music Magazine Issue II

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Zay Tom, Mitchy Mitch and the Vibrant Duo: “Aura”

Jason Mitchner (lyrics, vocals, producer), Isaiah Thomas (lyrics, vocals, bongo drums), Shayna Beaumont (bass guitar, vocals), Etenish Abebe (vocals, lyrics)

Song: Aura

Lyrics: Jason Mitchner, Isaiah Thomas

Composer(s): Etenish Abebe, Shayna Beaumont, Jason Mitchner, Isaiah Thomas

Original Song: Aura

Recorded in Green Street Studio & Engineered by John Bergeron

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Anabel and Margaret: “It’s Too Late Remix”

Anabel Pasarow: vocals

Margaret Curtis: vocals, keyboard

Composer: Carole King

Lyrics: Toni Stern

Recorded with Logic with Justin Friedman as engineer.


“It’s Too Late Remix” 

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Well, We Tried: “Heroes”


David Whitehouse: guitars, bass, vocals, drum sequencing, production
Bryson Davis: guitar
Composer: David Bowie/Brian Eno
Lyrics: David Bowie
Sample: David Bowie – Heroes (1977) [at the beginning]

Recorded entirely in my bedroom.


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Yellow- House of the Rising Sun Remix

Vocals: Aviv Preminger and Keishan Christopher
Song: House of the Rising Sun Remix
Lyrics: Ally Branman and Aviv Preminger
Creative Input: Keishan Christophe
Recorded at Green St. Studios

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Hoochie Coochie Man

Electronic Sample: Muddy Waters, Hoochie Coochie Man

Composer: Willie Dixon

Singer: Kevin Holliday

Artwork: PJ Ryan and Ben Cherington

Song Selection: Cole Harris and Ben Cherington

Engineer: John Bergeron, Recording Studio: Green Street Recording Studios Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 5.53.58 PM





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