Large Hardon Collider: “Subaru Outback”

Featuring virtuosos Gabe Castanon (main composer, vocals, desk lamp percussion), Anwar Batte (composer, vocals, bed percussion), and┬áKevin Brisco (composer, vocals). The wall of sound is inspired by Phil Spector’s…Wall of Sound. Created in GarageBand on Gabe’s MacBook, in Butt B 205 Studios™. No built-in loops were used–all sounds were either recorded or created note by … Read more

Internet Abuse Rocket: “Exhibit A…-ty Eight”

The star-studded cast of artistic triumph “Exhibit A…-ty Eight:” ToneMatrix enthusiast: Anwar Batte (Internet Abuse Rocket). ToneMatrix can be accessed here. Composers: Jackie Brenston, Anwar Batte. Track directly inspired by “Rocket ’88” as composed and perfomed by Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats. Video recorded using CamStudio (site here). Internet Abuse Rocket – “Exhibit A…-ty … Read more