The Charries: “I’ll Be Missing You Again”

Abigail Reed (ukulele, vocals) Shelby Gilyard (vocals) John Vasser (vocals, rap) Hannah Ryan (Sound engineer) Composers “‘I’ll Be Missing You”: Faith Evans, Sauce Money, Sting, Albert E. Brumley. “Together Again” (Janet Jackson, James Harries III, Terry Lewis, Rene Elizondo Jr) Recorded at Studio C, WESU Middletown “I’ll Be Missing You Again”

The Charries “You’ll Know”

Abby Reed (Ukulele, vocals), Ani Acopian (Vocal percussion), John Vasser (vocals), Shelby Gilyard (vocals), Hannah Ryan (musical Engineer). Composer: Abby Reed, Lyrics: Abby Reed and John Vasser. Vocal Arrangement Abby Reed, Ani Acopian.Recorded at Studio C, WESU Radio Station, Broad st. “You’ll Know”