Ava & The Talent: Sweeter Dreams

Ava & The Talent: Sweeter Dreams Jamie Hom: Piano, Vocals Heidi Scarth: Vocals Ava Tompkins: Rap God, Talent Scout, Manager Composer(s) : Beyoncé, Eurythmics Lyrics: Beyoncé, Eurythmics, Ava Tompkins Green Street Studios, John Bergeron. He engineered the track as well as played Drums & Bass

Ava & the Talent: “Crossroads”

Heidi Scarth: Vocals, Lyrics Jamie Hom: Vocals, Piano Ava Tompkins: Lyrics, Manager, Talent Scout Composer: Robert Johnson Lyrics: Robert Johnson, Ava, Heidi Engineer: John Bergeron, Green Street Ava & the Talent: “Crossroads”