The Popping Charry’s: “Skyway”

Band Members: Jacob Zilversmit (Acoustic Guitar), Robert Moderelli (Vocals), Nic Catalan (Bass), and Apple Farrelly (Artwork) Composer: Paul Westerberg (of The Replacements) Lyrics: Paul Westerberg Recorded under a neon Budweiser window sign at Butts Studios Engineers: Jacob Zilversmit and Nic Catalan Song: “Skyway” by The Replacements

The Bleach Boys: “Surfer Girl”

Surfur Gurl   Jacob Zilversmit (Lead Guitar, Bass, Engineer) Myles Johnson (Vocals, Backup Guitar, Engineer) Robert Moderelli (Lead Vocals, Drums) Apple Farrelly (Adlibs, Engineer, Artwork) Composers: Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Gary Usher, and Robert Christian Lyrics: Brian Wilson Recorded in Bennet/Usdan by Jacob Zilversmit, Myles Johnson, and Apple Farrelly Song: Surfer Girl by The Beach … Read more