Furious Wildebeasts: “Make My Day”

Dipanker Acharya-koirala (vocals), Nick Pelletier (vocals), Wilson Griffin (vocals), Evan Bluestein (vocals, computer) Composed by Bob Dylan, arranged by Evan Bluestein. Lyrics by Bob, Nick Pelletier, Wilson Griffin, Evan Bluestein. Samples from “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You” by Bob Dylan, “Good Morning” by Kanye West, “Hot Tequila Brown” by Jamiroquai. Vocals recorded and … Read more

Quest: “G-E-T-L-O-S-T”

Claire Hunter (lead vocals, backup vocals), Maggie Lile (whistle, backup vocals), Izzy Jacobs (laugh, backup vocals), Allie Lynch (backup vocals), Laurel Sticklor (keyboard, keyboard bass, keyboard drums, and keyboard horns). Composers: The Rolling Stones (“Satisfaction”) and Otis Redding (“Sitting On Top of the Bay” and Quest’s song based on “Respect”). Lyrics (for the Quest song): … Read more

Quest: Behind the Music

Actors/ Narrator: Jennifer Spero, Leah Coe, Jessica Chukwu, Talia Bernstein, Erin Gold, Mckinley Tennant. Filmed by: Jessica Chukwu.  Edited by: Jennifer Spero, Leah Coe, Jessica Chukwu, Talia Bernstein. Songs (In order of Appearance): Quest “Keep on Walking” , Michael Jackson “The Way You Make me Feel”, Paul Simon “You Can Call me Al” Quest: Behind … Read more