Magazine – B(e) Major Vol 2

Magazine for Final Editor- Kevin Winnie Cover Art – Rebecca Tom Layout- Rashid Epps and Annalee Holmdahl Writers- Alexa Wheeler, Peter Stratis, Max Shafer-Landau, Noah Sellman, Henry Rafferty, Caleb Haddad, Martin Gschwentner, Allyson Feitler, Daniel Cohen and Anthony Arias MAGAZINE BE MAJOR.pdf

The Beatles 2: Drink Up

Sam Beck: Digital Production (synths, drums), Engineering Andrew Pace: Guitar, Vocals Recorded in a dorm room on a laptop with a microphone. Title: Drink Up  

CWA: Fight for Your Right

Beastie Boys “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” Video Cover Original Music Video:   “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party)” by The Beastie Boys   Jordan Otis: Actor (Nerd) Ike Fuchs: Actor (Nerd) Peter Conforti: Actor (Beastie Boy), Editor Ryan Welch: Actor (Beastie Boy) Nicole Babbit: Actor (Beastie Boy)

Two and a Half Wrestlers: “Don’t Cry Bloody America”

Joseph Koshakow (Vocals) Chris Siracusa (Vocals) James Kellner (Vocals) Everybody found their own poems and the beat. Poems used: The Blood is Crying Out – The April 24 Reminder by Eileen Manassian Ghali Don’t Cry Let America Be America Again by Langston Hughes Beat Sampled: Ghetto Soul Freestyle, produced by Mr. Meaner Recorded on Laptop … Read moreTwo and a Half Wrestlers: “Don’t Cry Bloody America”

The One Take Wonders: “proWESs”

Sebastian Canizares (Vocal/Lyrics) Justin Sanchez (Lyrics) Lou Stevens (Vocal/Lyrics) Reid Andrew (Lyrics) Damien Vega (Vocal/Lyrics)   Recording Engineer(s): The One Take Wonders Recording Studio: The Usdan Music Room   Sample: Unorthodox – Joey Bada$$ The One Take Wonders: “proWESs