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group name: Ani Acopian

Ani Acopian

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The Mess, “Please Stop Touching My Back, Man”


“Please Stop Touching My Back, Man” – The Mess, Electric Charryland

Jessica Wolinsky (Vocals)

Jared Fineberg (Guitar, bass, engineering, vocals)

Composition and Lyrics: Jared Fineberg and Jessica Wolinsky

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Magazine – B(e) Major Vol 2

Magazine for Final

Editor- Kevin Winnie

Cover Art – Rebecca Tom

Layout- Rashid Epps and Annalee Holmdahl

Writers- Alexa Wheeler, Peter Stratis, Max Shafer-Landau, Noah Sellman, Henry Rafferty, Caleb Haddad, Martin Gschwentner, Allyson Feitler, Daniel Cohen and Anthony Arias MAGAZINE BE MAJOR.pdf

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The Beatles 2: Drink Up

Sam Beck: Digital Production (synths, drums), Engineering

Andrew Pace: Guitar, Vocals

Recorded in a dorm room on a laptop with a microphone.

Title: Drink Up


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Tech Baseball

Tech Baseball

Lyrics- Pete Rantz

Vocals- Guy Davidson

Vocals- Sam Goodwin-Boyd

Vocals- Pete Rantz

Sample- “Children Sing” by Pacewon and Mr. Green

Recorded with Garage Band Baseball

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CWA: Fight for Your Right

Beastie Boys “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” Video Cover

Original Music Video:


“(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party)”

by The Beastie Boys


Jordan Otis: Actor (Nerd)

Ike Fuchs: Actor (Nerd)

Peter Conforti: Actor (Beastie Boy), Editor

Ryan Welch: Actor (Beastie Boy)

Nicole Babbit: Actor (Beastie Boy)

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Two and a Half Wrestlers: “Don’t Cry Bloody America”

Joseph Koshakow (Vocals)

Chris Siracusa (Vocals)

James Kellner (Vocals)

Everybody found their own poems and the beat.

Poems used:

The Blood is Crying Out – The April 24 Reminder by Eileen Manassian Ghali

Don’t Cry

Let America Be America Again by Langston Hughes

Beat Sampled: Ghetto Soul Freestyle, produced by Mr. Meaner

Recorded on Laptop with Audacity

Don’t Cry Bloody America

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The Charries: “I’ll Be Missing You Again”

Abigail Reed (ukulele, vocals) Shelby Gilyard (vocals) John Vasser (vocals, rap) Hannah Ryan (Sound engineer)

Composers “‘I’ll Be Missing You”: Faith Evans, Sauce Money, Sting, Albert E. Brumley. “Together Again” (Janet Jackson, James Harries III, Terry Lewis, Rene Elizondo Jr)

Recorded at Studio C, WESU Middletown

“I’ll Be Missing You Again”

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The Baha Jawns: Electric Avenue Cover

Lyrics: Dylan Hoy, Chris Hart. Vocals: Chris Hart, Ted Bergman, Danny Rubenstein, Eric Jasinski, Dylan Hoy. Sample: Eddy Grant- Electric Avenue (without lyrics). THX certified microphone, recorded in private room. Electric Avenue Cover.

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The One Take Wonders: “proWESs”

Sebastian Canizares (Vocal/Lyrics)

Justin Sanchez (Lyrics)

Lou Stevens (Vocal/Lyrics)

Reid Andrew (Lyrics)

Damien Vega (Vocal/Lyrics)


Recording Engineer(s): The One Take Wonders

Recording Studio: The Usdan Music Room


Sample: Unorthodox – Joey Bada$$

The One Take Wonders: “proWESs

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