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Ham Hanes

Shane Donovan:(Lyricist, Vocalist, Sound Engineer, and Producer)

Jake Siciliano:(Lyricist,and Vocalist)

Greg Blaize:(Lyricist,and Vocalist)

Edgar Bright: (Producer, Sound Engineer)

Ham Hanes

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T-$tacks: “My Paper”


Time to write this paper

Tory Vazquez (Vocals)

Lyrics: Tory Vazquez

Composer: YG featuring Rich Homie Quan and Young Jeezy; Def Jam Recordings

Sample: “My Nigga (Instrumental)”–YG featuring Rich Homie Quan and Young Jeezy

Recording Studio: Green Street Studio

Engineer: John Bergeron

My Paper


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Dichotomy: “You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it’s your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat (Cover)”

Delilah Cervantes: Bass, drums, vocals

Tanya Horwitz: Lead vocals

Simon Wright: Recording engineer, producer, backup vocals

Composer: Death Grips

Lyrics: Death Grips

Green Street Studios

Lead Engineer: John Bergeron

You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it’s your leopard skin pillbox hat (Cover)

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Hangover Special: A Morning After Song

Chris Hart (vocals)

Ted Bergman (vocals/sound engineer)

Danny Rubenstien (vocals)

Eric Jasinski (vocals)

Dylan Hoy (vocals)

Composer: Everyone wrote all their own lyrics

Studio: Nics 6209

Engineer: Group effort led by Ted Bergman

A Morning After Song

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But, Coach: “Lola” Music Video

David Murphy: Actor/Scene Selection

Christian Kennedy: Camera Operator

Michael Giambanco: Artistic Designer of Signs/Wardrobe

Remy Lieberman: Audio/Video Editor

Sample: “Lola” by The Kinks

Composer: Ray Davies

Inspired by video for Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”

Recorded: BTP Studios

 “Lola” by But, Coach

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JGB: “Ordinary People” [cover]

Julien Bell (piano, vocals), Gianya Breland (vocals), Ben Keeshin (vocals). Composers: John Legend, Williams Adams; Lyrics: John Legend, William Adams

Arrangement: Julien Bell, Gianya Breland, Ben Keeshin

Engineer: John Bergeron

“Ordinary People”



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Magazine “Be Major”

Magazine “Be Major”

Editor: Kevin Winnie

Layout & Design: Rashid Epps and Annalee Holmdahl

Cover Art & Design: Rebecca Tom

Writers: Anthony Arias, Daniel Cohen, Allyson Feitler, Martin Gschwentner, Caleb Haddad, Harry Rafferty, Noah Selman, Max Shafer-Landau, Peter Stratis, Alexa Wheeler Major Magazine Midterm .pdf



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Deep Jew Something: “Dinner At Summerfields”

Madelaine Hellman (vocals), Sam Rudovsky (vocals, piano) and Jake Roberts (vocals, guitar).

Composer: Todd Pipes; Lyrics: Madelaine Hellman, Sam Rudovsky, and Jake Roberts.

Video Editing: Madelaine Hellman

Recorded at Green Street Arts Center

Engineer: John Bergeron

Dinner At Summerfields

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NSM: “We’re Going to Be Friends”


Album Cover

Ari Lewenstein (Mandolin, Vocal), Ariel Kaluzhny (Guitar, Vocal), Margaux Sica (keyboard, vocal, maraca), Alanah Hall (Xylophone, maraca, vocal)

Composer: Jack White, Meg White

Lyrics: Jack White

Recorded at Wesleyan Recording Studio with engineer Jack Lewis

We’re Going to Be Friends

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Two and Half Wrestlers: “Youth”

James Kellner (Vocals, made beat) Joseph Koshakow (Vocals) Chris Siracusa (Vocals).

The two poems we used were We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks and Laughter, by Conrad Aiken

Title of the piece is “Youth


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