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Gloss Mag (2019, final)

Gloss Mag

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SHAGA: Mama Said

Chloe Malushaga (vocals, piano)

Sam Anschell (saxophone, not in MUSC 108)

Composer: Chloe Malushaga

Lyrics: Chloe Malushaga

Recorded at Red Feather Recording Studios, engineered and mixed by Chloe Malushaga


Mama Said, inspired by the Shirelles, Mama Said

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The Matchas – Charry Wine and Apple Final Project.mp3

Myles Johnson (Guitar and vocals)

Apple Farrelly (audio engineer)

“Cherry Wine” by Hozier

Recorded and Mastered in Bennet Hall on MacBook Pro using Garage Band

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The Charry Crisps: “Charry Flow”

Samson Dooley (Vocals and Lyricist)

Charlie McPhee (Producer and Lyricist)

Benjamin Kaplan (Vocals)

Matthew Chase (Vocals)

Spencer Robbins (Cover art and Co-producer)

Samples: Yung Gravy- Mr. Clean

Recorded in Butts B on Pioneer DJ Board that uses RekordBox application


Song: Charry Flow

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Ye Olde Methodists: “Brokomo”


Peter Ryan (vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar)

William Dempsey (electric guitar)

Jake Meyer (producer, MIDI keyboard)


Composers: Mike Love, Terry Melcher, John Phillips, and Scott McKenzie

Lyrics: Mike Love, Terry Melcher, John Phillips, and Scott McKenzie


Recorded at 14B Warren St.

Sound Engineer: Jake Meyer



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Musical Prodigies: the Documentary

Noah Kalischer-Coggins (Guitar, vocals)

Anya Kisicki (Piano)

Sarah Hammond (Drums, album art)

Ethan Havens (Documentary)

Recorded in Music Practice Rooms with a mic

Edited with Garageband

“Island in the Sun” by Weezer




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The Popping Charry’s: “Skyway”

Band Members: Jacob Zilversmit (Acoustic Guitar), Robert Moderelli (Vocals), Nic Catalan (Bass), and Apple Farrelly (Artwork)

Composer: Paul Westerberg (of The Replacements)

Lyrics: Paul Westerberg

Recorded under a neon Budweiser window sign at Butts Studios

Engineers: Jacob Zilversmit and Nic Catalan

Song: “Skyway” by The Replacements

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Charry Blossoms: “Cancun Zoomin'”

Max Powers (Vocals)
Logan Geller (Vocals)
Jackson Eighmy (Vocals)
Shayne Gallagher (Producer)
Ben Shapiro (Cover art, co-producer)


Help by Lil Wayne
Oye Como Va by Santana
Otis by Kayne West and Jay Z

Recorded in Butts B on Pioneer DJ Board that uses RekordBox application

Cancun Zoomin’

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Airplanes: “White Rabbit”

John (Guitar, Music Engineering, actor)

Rodrigo (Creating Music Video, actor)

Sample: “White Rabbit” Jefferson Airplane

Recorded in Music Studio

WARNING: Rapid color changes occur

White Rabbit

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Bergeron Brothers: “Coffee With da Cream”

Ethan Lichtenstein: Producer

Nic Catalin: Producer

Shakaa Chaiban: Lyrics and Vocals

Hasanti Kelly: Cover Art

John “The Cajun Prince” Bergeron: Engineer/Life Coach

AWKS 104 recording studio.


Bergeron Brothers: “Coffee With da Cream”

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