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Asher H.K. Nacht: “track to my memory”

Asher Kelly-Nacht (Composer & Producer)

(assistant sound engineer: Harrison Schaaf)

Recorded at 51 Fountain Studios

“track to my memory” To My Memory 1.m4a

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Eva Blazin, Mo and Vince: Jamaica, Cali, Represent

Everton Laidley (Vocals), Morgan Hanson (Vocals)

Producer: Vince Miller, Lyrics: Vince Miller, Morgan Hanson, Everton Laidley

Composer: Jay Rock

Title: Jamaica, Cali, Represent

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Blue Girls

Group Members: Lesly Alvarado, Ashley Slay, J, Amy Chandra, Fahmida Ahmed

Composer: Eiffel 65

Lyrics: Eiffel 65

Title: If I Were Green I Would Die

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Concerned Students: Up All Night( I’m about my classes man)


Allen “mizzy” Mack(vocals, songwriter)

Stan “da man” Willard(vocals, songwriter)

Tanesha ” look ma no hands” Jackson(vocals, songwriter)

Sample: Up All Night; By: Drake and Nicki Minaj

Recorded: Green Street Records

Engineer: John

Title:Up All Night (I’m about my classes man)

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Performance Enhancing Thugs: “99 Problems (PSafe Ain’t One)”

Andrew Lieberman (Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter)

Marco Schooley (Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter)

Steve Moran (Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter)

Zach Binswanger (Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter)

Jon Guzman (Producer, Songwriter)

Henry Karmin (Producer, Songwriter)

Composer: Jay-Z

Lyrics: 99 Problems

Recorded: Room 106, Eclectic

Engineer: Mike Dudley, Andrew Lieberman


99 Problems (PSafe Ain’t One)

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Pat’s Booner “I Believe In Magic”

Off their new hit album “Risin’ Up”

Kevin Walters (vocals, jazz man extraordinaire)

Brian McDermott (vocals, charm, looks)

Jeremy Koegel (vocals, plays to win)

Harry Potter (wizard)

Hermione Granger (groupie)

Composer: The Lovin’ Spoonful

Lyrics: Brian McDermott, Jeremy Koegel, Kevin Walters

I Believe In Magic

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Boy Scouts of America and the Electric Chairs: “Rebel Rebel”

Samuel Levin (bass, guitar, backing vocals)

Hanna Bahedry (vocals, backing vocals, percussion)

Brockton Barrit (backing vocals, creative consultant)

Composer: David Bowie

Lyrics: David Bowie

Title: Rebel Rebel

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Ruru& Viki:”Stranding”

Yanru Wang ( Music Engineer and Composer)

Muhan Gao ( Composer and Music Engineer)


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The Justice League: League Certified

Michael Mattia (Producer/Video Editor)

Gabe Manzanares (Vocalist/Lyrics – First Verse/Chorus)

TeRhon Oneal (Vocalist/Lyrics – Second Verse/Chorus)

Composer: 50 Cent – Electronically Sampled “P.I.M.P.” Instrumentals (Written by 50 Cent and Kon Artist – Album: “Get Rich or Die Tryin,'” Interscope Records,  2003)

Recorded at Green Street Arts Center Studio – Engineer: John Bergeron

“League Certified”

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vboystance: “Lipsaus”

Genevieve Aniello (vocals), Ava Bysiewicz Donaldson (vocals), Composer: Genevieve Aniello, Lyrics: Genevieve Aniello, Ava Bysiewicz Donaldson

Sample: Candy Shop by 50 Cent; Interscope Records (Santa Monica, CA) which sampled Love Break by Salsoul Orchestra (New York, NY) (Conductor: Vincent Montant Jr.)

Title: “Lipsaus”

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