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Nicole Dalessandro- Lyrics, editing
Grace Lachona- Garage Band Technician
Andrew Postman-Sound effects and production
Leah Sherman-Vocals and editing
Corey Sobotka-Garage Band technician

Piano sampled from Riivo J at



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No Class, No Cry

Lyrics- Sebastian Aguirre
Guitar- Jesse Rome
Sample- No Woman No Cry

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Canada Dry: “Techies in Paris”

X (vocals, lyrics), Joey Gallo (vocals, lyrics), Chris Tugman (vocals, lyrics)


“Ni**as in Paris” by Kanye West and Jay-z

“Excuse” by Big Freedia

“Kevin Hart Give Chris Brown a Dance Lesson For the BET Awards” youtube video

Scene from The Other Guys with Will Ferrell

Recorded at Green St. with Jon Bergeron

Techies in Paris

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We$crew: We Wanna Go Call A New Feeling Love…Maybe

Becky Gillig, original founder of We$crew at Church Street Studios.


Good Feelin, Flo Rida

We Found Love, Rihanna

I Wanna Go, Britney Spears

Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen


“We Wanna Go Call A New Feeling Love…Maybe,” an attempted mash up of epicness by Becky Gillig.

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Soy Oso (The One Take Freestyle)

Song Title: Soy Oso (The One Take Freestyle)

David Stouck (Vocals, Lyrics)

Jason Reitman (Guitar)

Danilo Perez (Keyboard)

Parker Wilson (Drums)

Anthony Hanna (Directing, Filming)

Christopher Roth (Editing)

Green Street Recording Studios- John Bergeron

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The Illadelphia 56ers: “The Fountain Express”

Peter Taylor and David Skura: Vocalists

Sample of “Planet Rock”, by Afrika Bambaataa

Recorded at Green St. Studios with John Bergeron

“The Fountain Express” The Fountain Express.m4a

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From the STR33Tz “Blackout King”

Vocals: Ryan Meier, Jake Bussani, Josh Hurwitz, Jesse Warren

Composers: Ryan Meier, Jake Bussani, Josh Hurwitz, Jesse Warren

Sample: Instrumental track– Uncle Krakker “Follow Me”

Recorded at Green St. studios; Engineer: John

“Blackout King”

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The Fleezin’ Wheezies: “zoop ZOOP”

Simon Edmonds Langham: (Vocals, Organ, Synths, Production)

Ian Anderson: (Vocals, Guitar, zoop ZOOP)


Recorded at 242 High st, Room 4


zoop ZOOP

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Strikingly Mediocre ft. Dill: Somebody That I Used to Blow

Jeff Blout- lyrics, snaps

Chris Law- lyrics, snaps

Mike “Dill” Delalio- lyrics, snaps

James Hill- Vocals

Kiley Robbins- Vocals

Sampled Instrumental of “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye

Recorded at Green St. Studios

Somebody That I Used to Blow

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#NAPSTER: “Stereo Bliss”

Music by Brewster Lee

Filmed by Patrick Newman

Edited by Patrick Newman and Lowell Wood

Video Featuring Gus Gregor


Stereo Bliss – Official Video

Archival Version: Stereo Bliss


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