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Rahbar, Burgess, O’Brien, Delara – 80s


Keenan Burgess – Producer

Cameron Rahbar – Producer

Will O’Brien – Producer

Cesar Delara – Producer

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Updated Software – “The Rise and Demise of Updated Software”

Augustin Vita

Richard Imperatore

Ian Vazquez

Zachary Gaitz

James Newmyer

Jesse Brooks

“The Rise and Demise of Updated Software” SHORTENED UNCUT

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Merry Li: “Xiao Wang Shu” (Cover)

Merry Li – Piano, Vocal, Arrangement

Composer: C.Y. Kong

Lyrics: Lin Xi & Merry Li

Recorded in Music Studio, Edited by Merry Li

Xiao Wang Shu

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B’ry and the Farm

Techie Paradise 2

Emmett McConnell (Vocals, Lyrics)

Greg Shaheen (Vocals, Lyrics)

Spencer Tanaka (Vocals, Lyrics, Producer)

Sample: Coolio “Gangsters Paradise”

Recorded: Butt B 225

Spencer Tanaka (Engineer)

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Magazine – Spring Issue

The Cherry, Vol. 2


Editors: Jess Hanway & Kathleen Kang

Writers: Sean Mihaljevich, John Baierl, Mel Arroyo, Marisa Yang, Wesley Ho, Jessica Hanway, Maimouna Siby, and Kassie Leidemer

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The Olympic Village: “Stuck in the Middletown Inn”

Aidan Daniell (Vocals)

Benjamin Davis (Vocals)

Joseph Porcelli (Vocals)

Nathaniel Ryan (Vocals)

Samuel Stanton (Vocals)


Lyrics: Joseph Porcelli


Instrumental: Stealers Wheel, “Stuck in the Middle With You”


Recorded: BTP Studies

Benjamin Davis (Engineer)


“Stuck in the Middletown Inn”

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Foss Hill Five: “(Ain’t Makin’ Art) Makin’ Money (Misogyny’s Funny?)”

Ain’t Makin’ Art

Camile Bordet-Sturla: Vocals

Alex Kuwada: Vocals and Lyrics

Henry Molofsky: Vocals, Lyrics, Keyboard, Drums

Adam Brudnick: Guitar, Mixing

Michael Zazzaro: Guitar, Composition

Composed, produced and arranged at 19B Fountain



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Goon Squad & The Real O’Neill: “Fishin’ “

Nick Pebani: Lyrics & Vocals

Zach Larabee: Lyrics & Vocals

Rory O’neill: Lyrics

Sample: “Money Trees” – Kendrick Lamar Featuring Jay Rock

Recording Studio: Green St. Arts Center

Producer: John Bergeron

Title: Fishin’

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Ann Surber: “Really Fast”

Ann Surber (guitar, producer, composer, engineer)

Sample: Clip from Better Off Dead (1985)
Made in Logic Pro, recorded in Westco 2103

Really Fast

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Chase, Danny, Terence, Zach – “The REAL Weshop”

Chase Levi ’14 : Vocals, Lyrics

Danny Gordon ’16: Cinematographer, Editor, Director

Terence Farina ’14: Vocals, Lyrics

Zach Dessureau ’14: Actor, Editor


Sample: “Thrift Shop” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Recording Studio: Green St. Arts Center

Producer: John Bergeron

Title: “The REAL Weshop”

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