Marky Mark and The Beta Cats: “Wescam’d by the Same Girl”

Mark Simmons (Vocals), Ian Johnson (Vocals, Production, Engineer), Alex Rowland (Vocals, Production, Engineer), Jeff Giocondi (Vocals), Dan Mena (Vocals).

Title: Wescam’d by the Same Girl

Artist: Marky Mark and The Beta Cats

Composer: R Kelly, Ronnie Jackson, J. Smith

Lyrics: Ian Johnson and Jeff Giocondi contributions by Mark Simmons, Dan Mena, Alex Rowland.

Based off: “Same Girl” – R. Kelly ft. Usher.

Recorded: Raimond Duy Baird Studios. Engineers: Alex Rowland & Ian Johnson


Special Thank You to Arty “The One Man Party” Stacey for his inspiration.