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Discomonkeys “In The Jungle”

Micheal Inkles (Drums), Zach Tausanovitch (Guitar), Jake Lane (Piano), Alexandra ‘The Diva’ Malouta (Vocals) Composer: Jake Lane, Zach Tausanovitch, Lexi Malouta, Lyrics: Tinimba Kaba Cover art: Lindsey Grimes

In The Jungle

Cover Art

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Straight For Rodge – Hurricane Kitty

Bella Loggins (drums)
Josh Smith (raps)
Lyrics by Josh Smith (WordSmith)
Arranged by Bella Loggins and Josh Smith

Recorded and Engineered by J. Paul at Butt C Lab and 316 Wash.

Straight For Rodge – Hurricane Kitty

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Runny Nose Stevesy: Blues #242

TImur Khanachet: Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar

Blues #242

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Tom Foolery and the Adhesive Band: “Of Trains and Stations”

Of Trains and Stations

Performer: Sam Long

Composer: Sam Long

Lyrics: Sam Long

Recorded in Up 4 Westco room 4214 by Sam Long

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High Street Hooligans: “Feelin’ It”

Matt Stinson (vocals), Coale Mechlin (vocals), Composer: Stew Davis; Lyrics: Nick Sanders, Matt Stinson, Coale Mechlin. “Feelin’ It”: Originally composed by Ski and Jay-Z. Recorded using Garage Band on MacBook.

“Feelin’ It

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The Republicans: “Obama Pop”

Grant Giordano (Vocals), Vinny deLalla (Vocals), Chris Alvanos (Backup Vocals), Dave Amrhein (Backup Vocals) Lyrics: Et. All; Video Editing: Chris Alvanos; Music Editing: Dave Amrhein– using GarageBand; Composer of sampled backtrack (‘N Sync: “Pop”): Wade J. Robson,  Justin Timberlake.

“Obama Pop”

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Last Call – Know Your Name

Natasha Yeracaris (Vocals), Tim Dodds (Vocals), Austin Woolridge (Producer)

Composer: Austin Woolridge

Lyrics: Natasha Yeracaris

Recorded On Garageband

Engineer: Austin Woolridge (Using Fruity Loops)

Know Your Name

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Baltimore Beer: The Storm Chaser

Thom Beckwith (guitar), Rose Agger (cello, vocals). Composed by: Thom Beckwith and Rose Agger. Recorded at Green Street Arts Center in Middletown, CT

The Storm Chaser

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Almond Dust: Bi’s and Tri’s

Maciej Radkowski (Vocals) Justin Freres (Vocals) Jared Smith (Vocals) Ryan Coffey (Vocals) Nick Ferris (Editor)

Andrew Jaycoxe (Director) Instrumental by Kid Cudi “Day and Night”

Bi’s and Tri’s

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Hanhica: “On My Own”

Hanh Le (vocals, guitar, lyrics, composer) Monica Fuhrmann (guitar, lyrics, composer). Recorded with Garage Band. “On My Own”

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