Dank Jammers: “Created and Molded”

Andrew Skibniewski (Lyrics/Producer), Braden Meyers (Vocals/Lyrics), Dj Dixion (Vocals/ Lyrics), Luca Coletta (Guitar/Engineer/Producer), Samuel Jean (Lyrics/Producer). Recorded at 88 Home. Cover of “Alone and Forsaken” By Hank Williams. “Created and Molded”

The Frustrated Wes Students: Get the Points Jack

Get the Points Jack Lyrics: Livy Feliz, Ethan Norton Video Production: Greg Joblove, Gabe Barnett Musical Production: Brooks Olson, Rowan Cahill Vocal Performance: Dexter Ixcoy Perez, Brooks Olson, Rowan Cahill, Livy Feliz, Ethan Norton Samples: Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles Recording Engineer: Brooks Olson (in his dorm)

Megan Stein: “Stand By Me”

Megan Stein (guitar, vocals, editing, production). Recorded in Farm House room 208. Cover of “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King, 1961. Composers/Lyrics: Benjamin King, Jerome Leiber, Michael Stoller “Stand By Me” – Megan Stein

Thomas Kan: “Honky Tonk Pt 2”

Thomas Kan (alto sax, editing, production). Recorded in Wesleyan practice rooms. Cover of “Honky Tonk Pt 2” by Bill Doggett, 1956. Solo by Clifford Scott on tenor sax. Composers/Lyrics: Bill Doggett, Clifford Scott, Shep Shepherd, Billy Butler Backing Track: iRealPro Honky Tonk Pt 2

Loose Moose: Be My Baby Music Video Recreation

Sydney Lurie-Firestein (Editing/Acting), Chris Khazaneh (Filming/Directing). This is a recreation/spin-off of the music video for the Ronnettes, “Be My Baby” (written by Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, and Phil Spector). Scenes were filmed around various parts of Wesleyan. The beginning cinematic is taken directly from the original Ronnettes music video. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vt6TACl3SaKZZ04PjY8LrEMXEBhzyEk5/view?usp=share_link

Black Queen

Judeley Jean Charles (Truey Judes) (Producer & Vocalist) Woody Langston (LorWoode) (Vocalist) Lincoln Turner (Link Dog) (Vocalist) Lyrics, Judeley, Woody, & Lincoln Black Queen

The Wes10s Walkers: “Wes Walk”

“Wes Walk” by The Wes10s Walkers JT Bilski (Vocals/Lyricist), Harry Collomb (Lyricist/Editor), Tai MacDonald (Lyricist/Producer), Sarah Youngberg (Lyricist/Producer), Serim Jin (Editor/Producer) Sample: “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley and Recorded in Butts A

Women of Usdan: “Usdan Blues”

Danielle Soto (vocal), Chloe Odabashian (vocal), Cheyanne Ollie (vocal), Isabelle Martin (vocal), and Grace Devanny (vocal). Composer: Willie Dixon; lyrics: everyone.20A Fountain Studios and Middletown, CT. Danielle Soto (Producer), Chloe Odabashian (Organizer), Grace Devanny (Editor), Isabelle Martin (Producer), Cheyanne Ollie (Editor) “Usdan Blues”

The Degens: “21”

AJ Morris (vocals/lyrics), Jack Lucido (vocals/lyrics), James McHugh (vocals/lyrics), Mike Solimando (vocals/lyrics), Dylan Connors (vocals/lyrics), Chris Demartino (vocals/lyrics). Sample: “This Magic Moment” by The Drifters