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Furious Wildebeat: Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

Nick Pelletier aka Professor of Knowledge (Allen Ginsberg’s buddy), Evan Bluestein (Camera, Edit), Wilson Griffin (Bob Dylan), Dipanker Acharya-Koirala aka Kid the Sherpa (Allen Ginsberg?).  Song: Paula Abdul “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow”.  Based on “Don’t look Back Theatrical Trailer staring Bob Dylan”

Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

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Hodgepodge: “Somebody to Love”

Hamilton Yu (Piano), Daniel Henry (Lead Vocals), Nikhil Sabharwal, Daniel Hulyk, Zach Sadler (Backup Vocals). Composers: Freddy Mercury, Brian May. “Somebody to Love” originally recorded by Queen in 1976 “A Day at the Races.”

Recorded in Practice Room 006 (Heaven). Engineers: All of us.

Somebody to Love (Queen Cover)

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Tucker Max Orchestra: Concerto #2

Turner Hayes (Sax), Charlies Lang (Bass), Ezra Silk (Vocals, Drums, Keyboard).

Concerto #2

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Alpacho: “Waking, Wandering”

Yulhee Cho (composer, piano, guitar, bass, vocal), Dan Levine (lyrics, vocal).

Waking, Wandering

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The Hoochie Coochie Men: “Never Let You Go”

Eddie Mclaughlin (Lead Vocals), Field Yates (Keyboard), Adam Kirk (Lead Guitar), Jeff Stritmatter (Tambourine).

Recording Studio: Beta Theta Pi. Engineer (Cameraman): The Hoochie Coochie Men/Tyler Byrne.

Never Let You Go

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The Blues Sisters: Never Felt This Way

Bulaong Ramiz (piano), Tania DeBarros (vocals). Music and Lyrics by Brian McKnight.

Recorded at: Green St. Studios. Engineer: John Bergernon

Never Felt This Way

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Anthony Albrecht: “Untitled”

Anthony Albrecht (keyboards, bass, rhythm, sound engineer). Composers: Anthony Albrecht, Stevie Wonder.  Adapted from “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder.

Recorded 2/28/08. Middletown, CT. AAlbrecht Computer Recording Studios. (Sound Forge 7.0)


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The Cathartists: Recession Blues

Amit Bob (vocals) Mason Tang (Rhythm guitar) Eugene Podborits (Producer, Lyrics), Lu Yang (solo guitar), Kristin Hough (artwork)

Recession Blues

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Backseat Drivers: The Reinvention of Billy Pryor

Billy Pryor, Adrienne Shea, Tory Whitney (Actors/Writers/Producers/Editors)

The Reinvention of Billy Pryor

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Janene Podesta: “The Making of Music”

The Making of Music

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