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Size Matters: “Love Stacks”

Lyricists/ Screen Writers / Actors: Elizabeth Evans, Ryan Brill, Michael Sandwick, Frank Melendez, Arielle Hixson, Laura Geronimo, James Rosenberg, Cara Madden, Sam Friedman

Guitar: James Rosenberg

Vocals: Michael Sandwick, Cara Madden, Laura Geronimo, Arielle Hixson

Director/Cinematographer: Ryan Brill

Video Editors: Ryan Brill and Mike Sandwick

Costumes: Laura Geronimo and Liz Evans

Recorded at Green Street Arts Center with John B using instrumental track cut by Frank Melendez

Based on “Love Shack” by The B-52s.

Special thanks to all of the extras.

Love Stacks

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Isabella Cucchi: Green Street Arts Center Recording Session Photos

Photos by Isabella Cucchi, taken at the Green Street Arts Center



Keyboard (View 1)

Keyboard (View 2)


Daniel Charness B&W

Equipment Close-up

Nathan Mondschein

Bass Close-up

Bass Close-up 2 B&W

Drums Pre-Song

Nathan Recording

Nathan Mid-Song

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Punctual Kevin: Blackmail the Bassist

Performed by: Will Solomon (drums, organ, piano); Croy Salinas (guitar); Kevin Brisco (bass)

Composed by: Will Solomon, Croy Salinas, Kevin Brisco

Engineered and Mixed by John Bergeron at Green Street Arts Center

“Blackmail the Bassist”

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The DC United: Sitting on Fire

Daniel Charness: Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals

Nate Mondshein: Drums

Louis Russo: Bass

Graham Richman: Lead Guitar

Aaron Peisner: Organ, Backup Vocals

Composed, Arranged and Produced by Daniel Charness

John Bergeron: Audio Engineering and Mixing

Recorded at the Green Street Arts Center

Sitting on Fire

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Some Dudes and Vanessa: Smoke Like Wine

Vanessa Carvajal: Conga, Vocals

Mike Pinkham: Lead Guitar

Sam Walker: Guitar, Vocals, Keys

Bob: Bass, Vocals

Composed by Mike Pinkham, Sam Walker, and Bob

Lyrics by Vanessa Carvajal, Sam Walker, and Bob

Recorded at Green Street Studios by John Bergeron

Smoke Like Wine

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Pressplay – California Dreamin’

Shin Otake Midterm Mix

California Dreamin’

Produced By: Shin Otake

Composed With: Ableton Live, Garageband, Behringer MIDI Mixer)

Location: Vine Street


Big Dancin – Bounce Camp

My Kneck My Back – Khia

We want Your Soul – Adam Freeland

Gymtonic – Bob Sinclair

California Dreamin – The Mamas and The Papas

Got 2 Get Up – Afrika Bambaata

Stuntin’ Like My Daddy – Lil Wayne

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The SJB: “Don’t Let Me Down”

Stephan Stansfield (vocals, piano), Bobby Burvant (guitar), Justin Chenevert (bass), Bennett Wilson (drums).  Composer: Burvant, Stansfield, Chenevert, Wilson.  Lyrics: Stansfield, Burvant, Chenever, Wilson.  Recorded at Green Street Arts Center Recording Studio.  Produced by John Bergeron.

Don’t Let Me Down

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Orca Star: Bo Diddley

Dylan Wilde (ukulele, vocals)

Composer: Bo Diddley

Lyrics: Bo Diddley

Producer: Dylan Wilde

Bo Diddley

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Internet Abuse Rocket: “Exhibit A…-ty Eight”

The star-studded cast of artistic triumph “Exhibit A…-ty Eight:”

ToneMatrix enthusiast: Anwar Batte (Internet Abuse Rocket). ToneMatrix can be accessed here.

Composers: Jackie Brenston, Anwar Batte. Track directly inspired by “Rocket ’88” as composed and perfomed by Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats.

Video recorded using CamStudio (site here).

Internet Abuse Rocket – “Exhibit A…-ty Eight”

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Mickey: “Wham City”

Mickey Capper (Producer/Vocals), Performers who are not members of the group (in order of appearance and all doing vocals): Paul Silverman,, Emily Black, Molly Hanessian, Betsy Sallee, Enobong Etteh, Katie Deane, Will Schragis, Kelsey Siegel, Spencer Hattendorf, Michael Ullman, Isabel Bernstein, Ally Bernstein, Scott Infusino, Nate Mondschein, and John Snyder

Music & Lyrics by Dan Deacon

Wham City

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