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The Dirty Burgers: Cardinal Blues

Dylan Keegan: Vocals

Alex Nunez: Vocals

Jackson Ulrich: Vocals

Nate Howell: Vocals

Russell Madison: Lyrics

Sample: Muddy Waters, “Hoochie Coochie Man”

Engineer: John Bergeron

Recorded at Green Street Studio

“Cardinal Blues”

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The Beatles 2: “Trouble”

Sam Beck (Digital Production: Drums, Bass, Synth, Guitar)

Andrew Pace (Guitar, Vocals)

Composers: Andrew Pace, Sam Beck

Lyrics: Andrew Pace, Sam Beck

Recorded: WestCollege 4 (Sam’s Room!)



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Connor Schon: “Santa Fe”

Connor Schon (all vocals, instruments and drum programming, mixing, engineering)

Composer: Zach Condon

Lyrics: Zach Condon

Original Song by Beirut

Recorded in The Butterfield C Studio

Santa Fe


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Adam Rochelle: What Used to Be

Adam Rochelle: Piano, Bass, Drums, & Vocals; Composition & Lyrics. Recorded at CFA practice rooms, USMC practice room, & my dorm room.  February 2014.

What Used to Be


(Edit 3/3/14): Videography & Editing also by Adam Rochelle.

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260 and That Guy From Fountain: Temple of Doom

James Forde (vocals, guitar, bass, drums), Sam Factor (vocals, rhythm guitar), Peter Martin (vocals, lead guitar), Kim Farris (vocals, guitar)

Lyrics: James F., Sam F., Peter M., Kim F., Nat King Cole and Irving Mills

Composition: James F., Peter M.

Production: James F., Sam F.

Chorus lyrics taken from “Straighten Up and Fly Right” – Nat King Cole


Temple of Doom” – 260 Pine – James F. and Sam F.

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Pita Helman and the Sailaway Boys: Pizza Blues


Anton Meier (lead vocals, drums), Justin Green (guitar, sax, vocals), Peetie McCook (bass, vocals), Peter Helman (album artwork)

Composers: Justin Green, Anton Meier, Peetie McCook

Lyrics: Anton Meier, Justin Green, Peetie McCook

Recorded at Green Street Arts Center. Engineer: John Bergeron

Pizza Blues

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Tez and the Montessas: It’s Not Unusual

Matt Montanez (Actor, Director, Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Video Post-Production, Cinematographer)

Tom Dupont (Actor, Lyrics, and Choreography)

Brendan O’Brien (Actor and Lyrics)

Grey Bradshaw-Mack (Actor and Lyrics)

Richie Ortiz (Actor and Lyrics)


Instrumental: It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones

Recorded and Engineered in TeZ 212 Studios by Matt Montanez and Tom Dupont

Guest Cameraman: Evan Isaacs


Its Not Unusual

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The One Take Wonders: “My City”

Sebastian Canizares (Vocal/Lyrics)

Justin Sanchez (Vocal/Lyrics)

Lou Stevens (Vocal/Lyrics)

Reid Andrew (Vocal/Lyrics)

Damien Vega (Vocal/Lyrics)


Recording Engineer: Sebastian Canizares

Recording Studio: The Usdan Music Room


Sample: Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza – Mac Miller city 3 min version 1.m4a

(3 Min version) city.m4a

(full version)


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NotaRapper: “Substance Abuse”

Nkosi Archibald (Vocals)
Lyrics: Nkosi Archibald
Electronic Sample: Mr. Carmack- Shroomeries
Composer: Mr. Carmack
Recorded at Green Street Studios
Engineer(s): John Bergeron & Nkosi Archibald Abuse .m4a

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The Regime: “I Hate College (Remix)”

Aniello O’Connor (Vocals), Abo Mahmoud (Vocals), Alex Daversa-Russo (Vocals), Rob Manning (Vocals)

Composer: Alex Daversa-Russo & Abo Mahmoud

Lyrics: Alex Daversa-Russo & Abo Mahmoud

Sampled: I Hate College – Sam Adams

I Love College – Asher Roth

Say It Ain’t So- Weezer

Recording Engineer: Alex Daversa-Russo

Recording Studio: Nicolson 7303

I Hate College (Remix)


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