Eli and the Suspects “Summerfield Blues”

“Summerfield Blues” by Eli and the Suspects Composer: Charlie Kauffman; Lyrics: Eli Susman; Eli Susman (Vocals), Max Vitek (Lead Guitar), Charlie Kauffman (Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals, Production) Recorded in Butterfield C, through Ableton, and Exley, also through Ableton. Engineer: Charlie Kauffman Cover art by Lily Kachikis

Mimi Kim: Stand By Me (Cover)

Stand By Me (Cover) Mimi Kim (Guitar, Vocals, Beat Production, attempted Mix/Master) Originally performed by: Ben E. King Written by: Ben E. King, Leiber & Stoller Everything recorded in Mimi’s dorm room.

Unplugged Magazine (2021)

Unplugged Magazine Editors: Luke Chavez, Victoria Dozer, Mairead Kennedy, Nerdvens Moreau Writers: Hannah Berman, Alex Beauchesne, Liz Colannino, Mackenzie Corcoran, Jack Devlin, Victoria Dozer, Safa Figal, Ava Galdenzi, Gabe Goldberg, Gabby Guzdek, Leila Henry, Keeli Johnson, Alana Jones, Everett Lee, Jack Manuelian, Hannah McKiernan, Kylie Nelson-Marois, Jake Sexton, Haley Slosberg, Ruby Solomon, Noor Valvani, Oliver … Read more

Neve,Nikki,Maeve: “Stand Six Feet”

Neve Wallace (vocals), Nikki Gerjarusak (vocals), Maeve Pattie (vocals) Lyrics: Neve Wallace, Nikki Gerjarusak, Maeve Pattie Engineer: Nikki Gerjarusak Recorded in our home “Stand Six Feet” New lyrics to “Stand By Me,” composed and sung by Ben E. King and produced by Leiber and Stoller, Atlantic We sample audio from these news reports: The Today … Read more

Bessie and The Baes: “A Change Is Gonna Come”

Joby Levit (vocals), KG Morton (vocals, piano, horns, strings), Max Ewing (guitar), Amanda Schenkman (graphics).  Composer: Sam Cooke. Recorded in Butterfields A and Clark Hall.Production: Max Ewing and KG Morton A Change Is Gonna Come (Cover)Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YIUUZ5c6oPxC0-hs2kLhc47bkiW3EzLD/view?usp=sharing